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First story is awesome, bt there is no part of ending of the first story . I m not able too see please do me a favor , so that i can see the part of ending this story.please Awesome

It is a mind blowing game.But where is the next chapter???...Please bring the new chapters has early has possible because I can't wait to read what is going to happen. Great!

Bravo. I love this game. It is superb. I just hate Chris. Why is he going to snatch her from Will. I love Will. He is so romantic and handsome. Release the next season soon. I am looking forward for it. Good luck authors. Highly Recommend.

I love this game its awesome... But,when are you guys making the new chapter,I really need the chapters,I love the story Perfect

Love all of these games and so addictive! They are free too unlike most of these games, that uses tickets and diamonds with every story. Very costly! Great!

It's an awesome games for the one who love to experience magic and love . I want more levels and dresses too Go well

This game is awesome I love love love it,it was an awesome experience I loved it Fabulous!

Waiting for the new chapter. Do update the app as soon as possible wonderful story ever seen to play it Fantastic

Love playing this game, only frustrating thing is waiting next chapter unlock its take lots of time to unlock.. Awesome

كتير حلوة حبتهاكتير بس ياريت تنزلو التحديثات بسرعه Recommend

I just love this love story. But chapters take long time to come that's what I don't like, overall it is a nice game Fabulous!

Superbbbb game wow lol

Please please please get more chapters soon. Waiting for so long makes me loose interest and I love the game. So please... It's a wonderful game When will you'll unlock the episode after BEGINNING OF THE END? Please update with alot of episodes soon. wow lol

This game is amazing I wish it only takes like 2 minutesvfor next chapter now I'm on chapter is this true love I have no words this game is amazing, haters back off!!! Highly Recommend.

I love the story and I am so excited everytime this left me at cliffhanger.... But it is amazing and sometimes its wrong spelling and wrong grammar. Worth it!

Very nice and beautiful game and its very addictive game and it takes a lot of time to unlock a chapter wow lol

It was amazing. I really loved it. Please make next part I'm really very curious... When will you update the next episode? Perfect

I love this game so much. It's such a fun game and has loads of great choices. However, there are a lot of ads and they sometimes cover up some of the options, please fix this and I will give a 5 star. Just wow

I love this game . I think this is the best game I ever play .Graphics are very good . I like that story very much .Very interesting and adventures game I love the storyline very very very muchhh. I love it . I love it sooooooo much . I have no words to say . This game is best in the world . I love this sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much Go well

I really love this game, it's so addictive and fun Marvelous

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