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I hope you answer me. I cant send invitations. It is stuck many times... I deleted the app and installed it again... my telephone is Samsung galaxy S7 edge. I sent you many times to help me... but no answer from you... wow lol

My phone is huawei Y7 prime I didn't get chat screen I have 2 phones Y 7 prime and they also have the same problem but other phone are fine why love it

Hope that I could pay for a competition from my competition free card not by tokens only! And it's consume the battery charge more than any app. Marvelous

1. sometimes all the players quit at the beginning of a game with points, so I want to quit too (so the game is canceled) because I want to play with humans not robots, but if I quit I'll lose 500 points. it's not fair! 2. put a mark on players who are blocked, so I don't need to check every single player's profile to see if he's blocked. 3. the battery is still draining fast from the app, fix this please. think on creating lite mode makybe. that's it for now. Must have

Great app, but is it possible you guys remove the "Join Limit" for Competitions? I was in a competition but my internet was bad so I had to keep leaving and joining then the game said "You exceeded the join limit". Oh; and awesome store items are VERY expensive, so consider that also when downloading. Enjoy it!

When I opened the application with the rotation mode the inter face free weak it's show the game without full screen ... so please fix this issue.. and thank you wow lol

لو في مجال لخاصية التحكم بالمحادثة !!! Omg

لعبة حلوي كتير وممتعة ..انا معي مافيها اي مشاكل لا التحديث الئديم ولا الجديد ..صرت مدمنة تركس Great!

There should not be allowed to text anything.. such way making it not fun when bad words are there . Marvelous

نرجو ايجاد حل لعدم خروج اللا عب من اللعبه متى يشاء Worth a go!

يا عالم حلو مشكلة التعليق بالموقع Not bad

التطبيق يعمل تمام اعتقد اغلب المشاكل اذا عندك النت بطيء انا العب هاند يوميا ولا اواجه اي نوع مشكله Surprisingly

طريقة حركتي للكروت و نقلها من مكان لمكان صعبة و مفهاش سلاسة ... و ياما خسرتني لعب ، و خصوصا في هاند ! Must have

الدردشة مو شغالة عندي لهيك حطيت تلت نجوم Just wow

It was nice till the last update , Please fix the errors and improve to the best 5 star

Can you please make an offline mode Must have

1. there are players that play a lot of Tarneeb or Hand like me, and I'm in a club.. why just the Trix give the most points?! it's not fair! 2. when I create a game with points (no quit) sometimes I want to cancel it if no players come, but then the game tells me that I'll lose 500 points if I quit.. this is bad! 3. when I'm in no quit game, sometimes the connection disconnect, or I get a call so the game kicks me out and I lose points! it's not fair. make it to lose points just if I didn't return until the game ends. Flawless

Why u make us down grade when the Internet cut Its should give us 02 chance to come back U should change your control team They really crazy to mange like this Enjoy it!

في مشكلة انو مرات ما بيبين الطاولات الا غير ترجع للالعاب، و شغلة انو ينخصم ٥٠٠ اول ما يطلع مش صح هاي مرات بفصل النت، فالاحسن انو ينخصم اذا خلصت اللعبه و هو مش موجود او بعد جوله Worth a go!

التطبيق رائع ولكن لا استطيع قراءة المحادثات وتبقى فارغة حتى لو قمت بارسال اي شئ Fantastic

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