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Didn't launch at first due to not having my resolution set properly. Worked once I changed it. Omg

Jaunt vr is essentially a curated collection of videos delivered in a custom VR UI, so for me there's an expected level of quality. The videos are generally of good quality. Overall it's probably one of the better vr experiences available on android. Easy to use and better video quality than I've seen in most other apps. However, I do find the videos to be a little blurry and I wish they were delivered in a higher resolution. I also wish there was more customization as far as the stereoscopic view is concerned, like the ability to dial it down. It tends to bother my eyes and make me feel Cross-eyed at times. I do like the 3D effect it brings but I don't think there's a one size fits all answer with this kind of thing. All Jaunts' videos are stereoscopic so if that doesn't appeal to you for whatever reason then this isn't the app for you. I also am not a fan of having to constantly reset the view. This seems to be an issue a lot of vr apps have and I don't know why, but it is pretty annoying and takes me out of the experience. (I know I can just turn my head but that's also annoying, when forward is now suddenly right or left of where it was a scene ago) I also wish there was categories. I mean come on! You curate vr experiences and don't put the in categories? Works great

Jaunt is an amazing VR experience with content from the most talented people alive. Worth it!

The resolution is always changing. Please provide an option to select the resolution. 5 star

This app is great and I really enjoy it. The only reason I didn't rate it at 5 stars is because when I watch videos the quality is very poor. Idt it's my pixel or my internet connection because I watch clips on other apps and they seem fine. Pretty good

The menu looks nice but that was the limit of what worked with my reasonable connection speed. It should offer a temporary download option. Go well

I've been using Jaunt VR since it debuted and I really like what they are doing. This latest update crashes instantly and never loads. The J-VR update arrived the same day I updated to Nougat so I'm not sure if it's a Nougat thing or a J-VR update thing. Muito bom!

Just Awesome. Limited content but some of what's there is truly incredible. keep adding new stuff please!!! Omg

How to exit? Very interesting application, but I have one big problem: can not exit it and forced to restart the phone. Please develope a method to exit the application easily. Perfect!

The video quality and resolution is kinda blurry and poor. And the audio gets ahead of the video and makes the whole thing pretty unwatchable. Needs to have a better buffering system. Sorry no good... Great job

Videos don't load I have the same issue. I can see the lobby videos load there. But when I choose something to watch it see it but it just sits there buffering and then ends the video and goes back to the lobby without even trying would like to see this get fixed Go well

This app is great and has a lot of potential, but needs a few adjustments. I used this with the Samsung VR head gear and found the content to be too close to my eyes despite adjusting the zoom. Idk if its because I was using Samsung VR gear instead of cardboard or what? The lobby loads just fine and the content all plays on my SG 7 Edge with no problem. Hopefully something can be done about the content being too close to the eyes to focus. Amazing!

Cool but limited. It is cool but you can literally spend 30 minutes on it and you used it all. But it's cool using vr on my s5. One thing that is annoying is that the button on videos keeps appearing on the bottom when I have to look down it blocks some stuff. But it is a little cool. Works perfectly

Awesome I love that there are multiple ways to VR in one app Pretty good

Used to work great I loved this app but since I upgrading my Nexus 6p to android 7.11 it will not run without 'daydream' which is not compatible with the 6p. When it worked this collection of VR videos was great, please fix for 6p and android 7.11 Good

I got the app working thanks to JauntVR for replying to my earlier review. I did not get to look around it much but the interface is very nicely done and will update my review after I get some more time with it :) Awesome

Jaunt for Google daydream Works great. Still looking through everything. Only reason I didn't give 5 star is on a couple videos I got a little distortion, but overall, a fantastic experience. Omg

It's great, but... I think vr is a step forward in personal entertainment. It has a long way to go still. This app is very cool, and use it on occasions. I find some of the videos lagging, video not matching up with audio. Not sure what could cause it, i get bummed out, and move on to another video and hope it's better. Most times it's not. Hope some sort of fix is eminent. Go well

It's not bad but it could use work I love the background scenery and functionality of all the rooms and apps. The only thing that prevents me from giving 5 stars and keeping it on my phone is the videos are a bit poor quality and sound does have a few moments and since the LG G4 has a poor snapdragon motherboard, this app overheats my phone after like a half an hour. I love the functionality but I guess my phone just isn't great for it's performance needs. Muito bom!

Good Idea Better 3D image quality needed. Tough to figure out the motion controls at first. However, has potential with more work. Good idea! Needs a "Glyph Mode" in this version like in another version of which I saw a screen shot with that as an option. Highly Recommend.

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