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With iTube FREE app, listening music on background and watching music MV will be easy for me. Thanks for this great app.

This app is amazing, it was ruined by the catché being removed. Once that is regained, everyone will continue to download and redownload the app. But until then, everyone is deleting it. Fix catché please and thank you. I expect it to be working on the next update.

I loved this app until the cache option wasn't available anymore; please put it back, the cache feature was the reason why this app was so awesome and popular. Please bring it back via an update.

This was my favorite app. I use an iPod rather than an iPhone so I don't have wifi everywhere I go, and this app was awesome because I could listen to all of my songs without wifi. Bring back cached and I will definitely give it a five star rating

This app takes up a lot of space because it caches everything. I want there to be an option to uncache a video or song. It takes so much space. And I want to be able to just. Uncache songs that I only listened to once or a video I only listened to once that I don't want anymore. Because right now. I have to delete the app and then add all my playlists back. It's incredibly inconvenient.Oh wow hey. I just deleted the app and downloaded it again. Ya uh. That's not what I meant my uncache. This is also very inconvenient

This app used to be a good app until they turned off the catch. You used to be able to play songs videos or anything alrety watched without Internet.

The app used to be great until the latest update. This used to be my favorite app before it required wifi to listen to songs. One star until it is changed back to the way it was.

I love this app but the thing is it won't catch any songs it will on my iPod and iPad but it won't on my iPhone can it please be changed it so I can use it thank you

I live this app. It's just that it does not catch the videos anymore.... Please fix it... And I we'll give it a 5 stars rate!!!! I really love this app. But know that it won't catch I don't like it as much! Please fix this promble... Thanks bye

I think the app is a great concept and online it works fine but when I'm offline I will try to play a song it will go to the bottom of the list and try and play that song but it won't work anyway please fix this. btw I have a 4th gen iPod

I have this app on my iPod and it works fine. I guess it's an older version because i downloaded it on my phone and now I can't listen to music without the internet and it kills my data plan. Whatever you guys did please change it back, I really loved this app and it's upsetting that it doesn't work like it used to. I've already deleted it from my phone because it won't work without having to load the song every time, and it's hard to find a replacement app!

This app was the best app but yesterday it was acting up and now I can't open up it. I have two copy's of this app and the first one that I've been using was the one acting up. I've been using the first one since it came out, if you can fix it I would be happy and rate it 5. I hope you see this and know what I'm taking about, if you don't understand I'm sorry. <3- Random User

I had accidentally deleted the app when I got a new phone, and I had downloaded it from my old itunes account, but I had the full version. now that I have money to get the app, reviews say that even the FULL version doesn't cache. this is so dumb, I want to be able to listen to music without wifi but now I guess I'm going to have to find another app or just but music from now on.

I used to be able to listen to music without internet, and I updated it and now I have to have internet on. I have cellular data on my iPad that I bought, and I'd listen to music in the car without any internet what so ever. I'm really upset that I need internet. I do love the new update though, just wishing you could listen without internet.

Everyone is talking about it. Just do something about it already. Cache is what attracted us to this app, and without it, we will start looking for different apps. Just do it so we can go back to normal, okay?

This app is basically just YouTube now. Cache was what made it unique and wonderful. Honestly , until they turn back on the ability to save videos and play later without wifi , you might as well stick to just using plain old YouTube. Thanks developers. Now your app is completely worthless.

I really hope this is a small bug and nothing permanent. I've used this app for a year and I don't want to leave it. I will even pay for music to cache again.

You need to enable cache music so i can listen offline again god dammit!!!! The first version was better, the new one wont cache music, oh and is got too many ads too

I don't have chache I can't enjoy my music with our wifi please fix this ASAP because I love this app but please fix it I would of gave it a 5 star but there is no chache

So I just downloaded ITube. I clicked on a video my friend told me about. It would not play. I clicked pause/play over and over again, but it still didn't work! It's a good idea, but I can't really use it if it DOES'NT WORK!

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