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As a social media manager, growing multiple accounts can be hard, especially for a new brand. My company allowed me to purchase this app with the premium package and it is phenomenal. You can adjust the bulks (e.g., set 100 follows in 60 minutes) and you can control who you want to follow (demographic, hashtags, locations). Overall this app has steadily grown the Instagram accounts. I will continually use this. Also, if needed, the support email replies back fast. My only complaint is that even though I set it to 100 unfollows per hour, it will steadily unfollow small amounts, such as 16. Other than that, pretty solid app. Cool

Something is wrong with the new update, i noticed in the last two weeks that the follow ammount in setting is faulty, when i choose 120 as the number to follow it follows only 12 on each execution, when choose 110 it follows 11, and when i choosr 99 it follows only 9 on each execution! Surprisingly

बहुत ही अच्छा एप्लीकेशन है थोड़ा धीरे काम करता है लेकिन काम जरूर करता है और 30 30 की संख्या में आप के फॉलोअर्स को अनफॉलो करता है बहुत ही अच्छा ऐप है डाउनलोड करने योग्य है धन्यवाद Perfect

Great app to manage your social media ... Wish you could place settings and make it automated tho. Still overall best for managing Instagram I've tried thus far Not bad

The information is not accurate. It sometimes shows as if you lost half of your contacts. You have to sign out and back in (or uninstall and reinstall) to reset it. Fabulous!

This app is the best instagram tool I've ever come across.. I recommend it to anyone!!! Recommend

This used to be a good app, even though it doesn't perform well and often crashes. The price has gone sky high now and not worth it. Enjoy it!

It's working fine before when I first purchase it but not working anymore. People in followed list is not being followed at all. Please advise 5 star

it says that we are able to see who blocked us for free, but when I clicked on the button nothing happens. Enjoy it!

Good app but I'm going to ditch it shortly. It's ridiculous to pay $8 a month or more and still deal with the terrible ads. Remove ads and you will keep getting my money. Works great

Why is this app becoming bad ? Although i have selected 40 people to send follow request every 20 min but this app is only sending follow request to 19 people ...Do something. Great!

Abaolutely great. The only truly efficient app I found for this service on Android. Awesome! Cool

I tried using the bulk Unfollow tool but it did not, but sure the app is a wonderful one, I have just been following a lot of animals who only want to be followed but refused to follow back, but with this app I have been able to set them all where there belong. Thanks much. Surprisingly

The app has a few annoyances such as the full screen ads and the UI takes a moment to familiarize but it does allow bulk operations . I don't expect much more out of a free app. It works well for what it is. Great!

This is my edit review. I originally gave 5 stars. But after days of use. I find the app to be very slow and i get waiting to respond popups. Also some results are not always accurate. The ads i do understand but the ones that take over my whole screen is what i have an issue with. I've downloaded many similar apps like this and this one is absolutely the BEST one yet. Thank you Go well

Great app! I signed up about 10 bucks a month and am getting over 100 followers a day right now :) Works great

BUGS. I'm a paying user, specifically I use the "follow hashtag likers" feature. I emailed support telling them this feature I'M PAYING for is unusable. After stating I've unistalled, logged out and resigned on several times they blew it off as a me problem. love it

I love this app..but I am not sure if I buy a package,it will detect follower who not active Great!

I Have A Question, Is This App Update Following Operations With US California Time ??? Or Local Time ? Works perfectly

Had to edit my review. Your system keep on following even after I logout. Following keep increasing. Had 2 ig that following keep on increasing. Never use any app because they are newly created account. Emailed to you but no response. Please help. Thanks Fantastic

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