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When i click on the widget i want the app to show me weather for my current location. Instead it shows the list of various cities and i have to click on mine. That is unnecessary, please fix it. Brilliant

I would like this app much more if I could just set a city as a default location. The flip clock/weather widget display will only show weather if I have my location on. Not bad

Works well. I like the look of HTC apps, and wish Music, Gallery, Keyboard, and BlinkFeed were still provided by HTC. Recommend

Location always shows different location which is few kilometers away from the real location. 5 star

Wow! I like this app , first and foremost reason is that I have a huge craze in the brand HTC ....its on whether forecasting app means its something mind blowing...nyway I would like to suggest that having more option on customization will be ....Aah..awesome....more advantage-more reviews...all the best. Awesome

Frequently says cannot contact weather location service centre, try again later. Used to work fine with previous iterations. Surprisingly

Used to be great but now weather location doesn't update properly. Gives a vague location Worth it!

I have set a manual location because i don't wanna use gps. It works fins through Internet access, the only thing is that it does work in lockscreen. Go well

Weather alerts should be the standard now days. Reporting temperature in the status bar is also common. This app lacks both. Perfect

There is improvement but Location is not shown exactly for Azerbaijan. Provider changed no success. It shows city but doesn't show for example settlement Flawless

App keeps removing the associated icon from the page it is installed on. I went through the same problem about a year ago, and now it's back again... Omg

Thank you! HTC will always be the best! This weather app is still a great app!....Still no problems with this app! But a change could be good ++ Omg

No live weatger widge... No exect location.. does not show current location on widge while location is off. Cuz location on cause btry loss. Fix it... Its an order damn it. Perfect!

Works fine, but unable to determine location without internet connection, and adds a location I've been to, without the possibility to remove it from list. Amazing!

Works every time. Updates nicely. Widget works great. Well done! Please bring back the live wallpapers! Please? I'd pay for it! Must have

The app was good until the most recent update. It deleted my hometown and my other town I had saved for no reason. Other than that no problem throughout the years I had this app. Perfect

Please fix it as soon as possible, especially location unavailable when there is no internet connection! Fabulous!

I would like to see the return of the full screen animation which was a feature on the HTC legend with Sense UI Superb!

Always been a part of my M7 Homescreen. We appreciate all the recent Updates for the UI of older Phones. * Now all we need is an Android Update for the HTC One M7. * love it

Pretty decent app!.....much more reliable & accurate than that joke they call TheWeatherNetwork. Works perfectly

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