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This was a pivotal part of my life . I told all my friends about it and we compared notes for awhile; it's made tremendous gains. Please please please fix that the calendar can't remember what the past looks like so that I can get rid of my other app just for this one purpose. It's an important part of the process of becoming aware Marvelous

Being honest? The science & tips in it, are excellent. It's really helped me analyse my behaviour and rationalise my mood. Just 1 piece of feedback stops my rating it as excellent. The "folksy" language used throughout, is clearly aimed at a North American audience. Phrases such as "your honey", "play a fast paced video game" (repeated almost every day?!) And "pretzels from the fair" , do not speak to a European audience who have paid a fee to purchase this app. Please consider your audience and amend for the UK/Ireland. Perfect!

I absolutely love this app and it might be the most useful app I have. It has made a huge impact on my sanity and my relationships. I recommend this app to anyone who will listen. I just wish my boyfriend could sync to it and see what could be in store for him that day... ;) Great!

Yay it's here! Thanks for all versions, teen and adult and pro of this app. Really well done! Congratulations! Go well

It said you could input passed cycles, but you can't. I find that misleading. You would think that you could input the data so you can see if there is a pattern each cycle. I've just bought this version. If there was a way to explain where I could input my past cycles I would appreciate. Otherwise I would appreciate it being added. I would then give this app 5☆ Well done!!

I love love love this app! If possible, could you please include an exercise/workout section in the daily forecast? I've been doing a lot of research on this topic and it looks like there are differences in how you feel, how your body responds, how your weight and body composition fluctuates, and what you should do workout-wise during different times in your cycle. Thank you for this amazing app! Marvelous

5 stars because I know it's gonna be good Love this app. Really helps identifying why my moods are such based in where I am in my cycle. 5 star

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