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素晴らしいキーボードですけど、私はqwertyのキーボードをすることに慣れていた。 Superb!

I don't like the handwriting function. It doesn't give me timw to properly write Kanji without is annoying. Fantastic

Actually has features you don't find in the more general gboard. Support for physical keyboard is one. Just wow

I liked it better before they switched the emojis location.. I liked it when they were right there on the side now it takes too long to load them going through the symbols then clicking on emojis.. Why did you change it? If something isn't broken you don't need to fix it. .. Omg

I hope there will be a Sorting function in Dictionary Tool to sort them based on their categories or alphabetically. Sometimes I accidentally submitted two same words Highly Recommend.

I love the 12 key format, however I REALLY wish I could switch from a 12 key to an english qwerty. Because I use the japanese keyboard for hiragana and kanji but I primarily use english for everyrhibg else. It is also a huge incovenience that my phone, an LG Optimus, does not have the option to add japanese to the keyboard input. Superb!

simply light , nice design ,no crashing \(^o^)/ . and making easy typing character。 Cool

絵文字モードからもとのキーボードに戻ることができません。 Worth it!

Can you please make it that when you are typing in the english keyboard it will have auto caps Great!

10MB of my paid data to make it convenient if someone steals my phone who only speaks Japanese. Perfect!

To all thouse dummys who hate the new layout you can change it in the settings. The qwerty layout is the good one (old one). Surprisingly

high time you update the emojis. edit:thanks for the prompt update and new features. gave it a 5star Marvelous

The keyboard is a pain in the rear; if it was like the English keyboards it would be so much easier and intimately faster to type. Even my Japanese friends think it's weird. Fantastic

This app works great, but I'm happy they're finally integrated Japanese into Gboard Great!

Solid keyboard, and I, like most people, would like Swype as a function. However, maybe I'm just blind but I can't seem to figure out how to enable the Godan keyboard? I've been giving a friend impromptu lessons and on my other phones it was no hassle to switch back and forth. How would I do it on Android 8? Works great

This would get 5 stars from me if this could switch between hiragana and katakana. A handwriting option for kanji would be nice, but I can type out the kana and select it easily enough, but having to do that for katakana words is just annoying. So 3 stars. Enjoy it!

If you put a lot of this -> (^_^) <- I've no idea whether this is emoji, emoticon, or etc...then this app going to be so much better because right now it's lacking that. Please implement that in the near future Brilliant

Add handwritting please. Japanese contains many Kanji characters which I could not type it using pronounsations, but only handwritting can, since Japanese is not my mother tongue. Although I can type it using Mandarin input, I feel upset when I need to change the input keyboard, moreover some Kanji characters in Japanese and Chinese do not share same code. Hope Google will solve this problem very soon. And now I found out that there are many keys on the Japanese Input Keyboard, this make me always type in wrong way, and the key on keyboard do not follow the US qwertyuiop standard, please solve it as soon as you could. Works perfectly

My nexus has bloatware japanese input by omron, and then there's this one also. While this one made by google, that omron one can't be uninstalled and being redundant. wow lol

Two things, five stars then: 1: Swiping. Google's Chinese keyboard can do it! 2: In the number pad was an intelligent suggestion of which kanji should follow, like time or date or something you can count. Since your last update, it's gone. One more thing: In the Gboard, languages like DE or EN are combined in one keyboard. JP there would be so cool. I could live with a single switch latin<>conversion. wow lol

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