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No longer working used to be great, but now just closes everytime I try and launch the game,

No longer working used to be great, but now just closes everytime I try and launch the game, Go well

Fun as hell great time killer for sure. 5 star

Good time waster not bad game. Enjoy it!

It is an amazing game I ever played. Cool

Hands down the worst golf game ive EVER played. Please fix asap.

should be called poor driving game. Dislike it

Mr. K. Lol...this is the craziest game I've played. But that's not many, and I don't play real golf. Actually, this is my top aggravating games I've played, but it was a great aggravation that once I started, I had to get it down...nice for aiming with variations, like catapult really....but it is aggravating... Muito bom!

George The driving needs more control, not too realistic with the tilts. Can be fun if you not into the actual feel of live golf. No spin action all T?? Not bad

once you figure it out It's a fun game. now you have to move your phone around to make it work right. You will look kinda foolish playing this, just by the way you have to move your phone around. Enjoy it!

Updated Rating . . I have to update the rating of this app. Now that I understand you must accumulate 'X' amount of points for each course before you can unlock the next one still, not real intuitive because the info is hard to read and the font is a bit muddy . . . .However, the visuals are excellent! Superb!

Addictive/Fun There is no how to guide on how to play, u have to use ur head if u read the description there is a hint on how to get the ball to go where u want it... wow lol

Great game! Very challenging!! Please...update n add More new levels !!!! I have beaten this game twice now!! Too easy!! Good

Very nice Like to play a real girls in a live that was given in a mobile Mashallah what is a game or baati baharin games I like did all the people of the world will like it and play it like a real games Fantastic

Very simple and fun. Not a full golf game Just drive the ball for points or hole in one. Tilt phone for direction. Highly Recommend.

Can't stop playing...... Great simple to play with a lot of awesomeness. Flawless performance. Brilliant!!! Muito bom!

i played this game all the way through..! once i got to the end i was dissapointed until i found i could reset my data and play it all over again. this is one of my favorite games out there!. Recommend to get Golf 3D APK.

Easy use not bored with it yet.! First timer read instructions carefully in help. Missed tilt devise options. Fun though got a of opps, practice makes well you know. Tell me is a par so there is more than one drive in game, planned in the next addition, or update?. Recommend to install Golf 3D APK.

Samsung Galaxy S Advance Game doesnt open at all when i open it shows that its loading and the normal screen comes back Cool

#3d-graphics Nexus 7 user! This is a good game a bit repetitive but the challenge is there to-do better than you did previously.

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