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Seems a bit tricky to control with headset on. On replay cardboard view reverts 360 equirectangular video to flat. Good

I think this apps still not have Loop:(One;All;Off) control button, i wish you can add that feature for next upate version. So i can set loop mode easily. Overall i like this app you made. Perfect

Good app for 360 degrees vedios,we can convert downloaded 360 degrees vedios and watch them through vr in these app.We can also skip the vedio without touching feels good for me. Amazing!

Honestly needs to have an option to see the menu from the headset vr gear. And an option to play games through it also. Perfect!

best app in all the universe just only request to solve sync speed on app finding videos and don't show hidden videos plss Awesome

Best video player for virtual reality even normal video can also divide in two parts and when you wear vr glasses Marvelous

Everything's great..just pls add .srt files support..its hard to watch some movies without subtitles Perfect

The app prompted me before i could use it to review so i did to get it out of the way. Muito bom!

I think you need to fix this app becuase when i watch the video,the video so lagging and its kinda annoying..please fix it fast and dont make the video lagging..thanks! Pretty good

Great app for 360 videos the controls and settings are simple and not confusing comments to the developers great job. I think the lense distortion could be better but it's good either way Muito bom!

Its very good, it can detect videos if they are 360 or not and i like it, it does what it says. Just wow

Every time I watch something the sound is glitchy and only happens when I use this Worth it!

If it supported SMB access to my wifi movie server and navigated my directory tree then I would give it a 5. Highly Recommend.

Best one!! Too good. M impressed!! Made my life!! M so happy!! M gonna jump now!!! Surprisingly

Amazingly superb. Very cool and impressive, but yes needs some video organization. Other than that, would rate 10/5 Well done!!

I like and i love it app but... 1. Folder Option is needed because All files are opened simultaneously. 2. Need seek with forward. 3. Need screen lock because in between play video time bar show. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks Perfect!

Wooh.....nice one ....but if we could skip video And I tried to search video to donwload it but what i could not read what was written was in chinese or japanese whatever ..pls make the language in everybody can understand it..... Fantastic

Does exactly what I need it to. Plays my 360 videos from my phone with minimal fuss Marvelous

Nice very nice Nice work but shows all folders (memorycard+phone memory)clip and movies to gather only phone memory folders can open not sd card. So i have give you 4 star Muito bom!

I've learned a lot I love it I hope you don't ever stop but also to it I don't want to use anything except a hardware the picture in the definition it's off the chain love it Works great

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