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New update with the free text thing is pretty qool although i am having trouble adding a profile pic to my account Works perfectly

Fantastic app, and love that it has the adopted icon for Oreo. New icon looks great. 5 star

Love this app (more than the web version), it's nimble, & had all the features you want (even read receipt & priority settings). Light years better than GMail! Pretty good

Please add a feature to blacklist emails in the inbox the same way the move to spam button works please!!!!! Getting sick of repetetive spam ending up in my inbox! Great!

Works faultlessly, reliably. Only negative - accidental swiping to the side and resultant unintended permanent deletion of e-mails happens too easily! Brilliant

I am.shocked that there is still no block feature gmx in general,think its why it is still trailing behind gmail.. Omg

Recent syncing, time-outs, and massive battery draining seem fixed. This is back to being a great app again. Thanks devs. Pretty good

Seit 2 Tagen funktioniert gar nichts mehr. Kein updaten der Mails kein senden. Selbst als ich die neuen App installieren wollte kann ich mich nun nicht mal mehr einloggen Surprisingly

I've been using gmx mail for a long time on my computer. Now with smartphones also on my mobile device. Lately however advertisement, albeit unobtrusive, have crept in, as it has on the pc. Ok, it's free, so I guess I will live with it. One real gripe for me though is the contacts, I can't find them on the app. I don't want my phone contacts to be used, my pc has different contacts. How difficult can it be to write the app program so that it displays the contacts it has on the web client? Apart from that, gmx is ok. Muito bom!

What's wrong? Sice a few days there is no sync. Reinstalled. Can't log in anymore! Good

Great email app. Easy to use and has the right options in settings. I just don't like the select tick boxes. It would have been nice if they were optional. Flawless

My all time most favorite. The only thing missing in the app is the SEARCH option for Email subjects/contents and contacts. That's why it got 4! I hope the GMX team takes it serious. Thanks. Update: Thanks to the GMX Team for informing me that there is a search option. It worked. Now almost everything is great about this wonderful service/app except that you have to pay to integrate and sync the calender (through CalDAV). It would be great if the calender could be used without this third party thing. Flawless

Easy to find history: easy archiving: very easy / intuitive to navigate. If given a choice would always use this app. Amazing!

Die App ist sehr praktisch, das einzige Problem, das ich hab ist, dass sie seit geraumer Zeit jedes Mal abstürzt, wenn ich zwischen den eMail Adressen wechseln will und auf Dauer ist das sehr nervig. Surprisingly

I love the gmx mail because this email-provide should be German and usually the German are always so precise and serious and you can (roughly) always trust on them. Go well

I just Like to use this email, easy to use, good feature but remain simple. Very user friendly...... Like it a lot. FIVE STARS FOR YOU love it

Why there is still no direct access to calendar? App would be better with this functionality. Great job

It is amazing how this GMX email App system is allowing the opening of the contents of an account while offline! That did not exist for an email account in the early 2000s. It even has a free SMS texting feature. I have always thought of an email message as a sort of texting message when I first starting using an email system back in the early 2000s. That was before texting was invented or I don't remember. Fabulous!

The app as good as it used to be since it started push messaging me to update Google Play Services even though it works well enough anyways. I could fix this by deactivating push messages altogether yet I don't understand why you made this necessary. Pretty good

Since the recent update no icon anymore on the interface, though only accessible through manual start in apps. That's very inconvenient to say the least. Pls fix and we go right back to 5 stars because before I liked the app a lot! Omg

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