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Oh my god, I didn't expect much from this game but it was amazing holy moly. Sit down put your headset on use headphones and your immersed! Works perfectly

Best Cardboard game on the Play Store. Gives you a nice taste of what to expect with the full version. I'll be buying it. The biggest issue is that I couldn't find a way in game to remap if you did it wrong. Reinstalling the game allowed me to set it up again no problems however. Ps3 controller connected with an OTG cable using Sixaxis Enabler works perfectly. No drift or slowdown either. Flawless

Brilliant app even if it only has one demo level. This is probably the best space combat sim possible on cardboard. Definitely going to buy this soon. Amazing!

Only played the demo mode, but I liked it enough to purchase. Now if we could only play retro arcade games like space invaders in vr! Dragon's Lair would be awesome! Good

I have a ps4 controller connected that your game won't configure properly. Even if I configure it manually, the speed controls will actually control pitch, while nothing controls speed. All I can do in this game is rotate in place. Uninstalled and reinstalled and it worked for a second, but then the yaw controls didn't work. Tried to fix that, back to the original problem. Disconnected the controller, reconnected, etc. Same problem. I uninstalled and reinstalled a third time and the controls finally worked. That being said, the yaw sticks and forces the ship to rotate frequently, the menu is a disaster as the directional pad and joysticks aren't used to navigate it, and the buttons that do, stick, causing you to speed through the menu items Perfect

Great! Prep controller b4 install Absolutely love this demo. Major controller problems until uninstalled demo, got Xbox One Bluetooth controller fully "connected" then installed demo. First execution provides a timed period to map the controller's buttons to the software's functions. Act quickly or reinstall and try again. Amazing!

Ita really aswome i got my vr for Christmas and its awseone its better then watching a 3d movie lol to be honest Great!

It's extremely good it requires your phone to be connected to a controller I used my PS4 controller and it was amazing could fly Ano shouting other enemy's when you actually play the game best vr box game so far Amazing!

I see it is good but.... It slowly drifts to the right when it first starts. I'm using the Google pixel and I'm not sure if that is the problem. Other games seem to work fine though. I would appreciate if I can find out which is which because I would be willing to buy this games full version if it's fixed. If it can't be and it's just my phone then hopefully it gets fixed soon. But I love space games and I wish I can experience this Perfect

Camera issue found This looks like it will be a great game, and sofar the first vr game I've found that allows for controller use. However, there is a slight camera drift, and every couple seconds my view is completely shifted to the right side of the cockpit, forcing me to spin around to see where I'm going. Once this issue is fixed I know I'll have no issue buying the full version! Just wow

Best control in space This works and looks amazing, might be the first VR space game worth buying! Great job team!... works perfectly with Galaxy s7 edge, Tzumi Dream Vision headset & Hype Cynoculars game remote Must have

Note4 with VR vue FX & Nyko game pad pro I can fly but see no gate to go through to start game. I can move around the letters for renaming player but can't enter them with any button. Instructions with maps would be helpful, also tips when flying so you do not fly anywhere. You have to shoot the TV screens that are showing video, the gates then open. Guess that fact isn't important to communicate first about the game. Marvelous

Wow, this is amazing This is the best looking/performing cardboard title I've tried. This showed me how much more this platform is capable of than I thought possible. My phone (note 4) has a hard time sensor wise with creep but that's not the games fault. I actually felt like the game was correcting for it better than any other game. Well done! Awesome

Graphics is very nice. One of the best games I managed to find for my VR glasses. But: I tried to play with Cyborg Fly 5 USB joystick. Following issues make it uncomfortable: 1) Throttle handle causes camera panning 2) Yaw handle stick movement causes camera tilt And these could not be remapped in any way. It would be extremely nice to be able to use only phone gyro for camera control and be able to unmap it from the joystick. wow lol

Looks amazing. The game looks awesome. I would buy the full version but my controller doesn't work accept to rotate my ship. It shows a PS looking controller. Does it not work with the basic vr controllers that come with the headset? I would absolutely pay the 2.49 to buy this if my controller worked. Please fix this so I can give you money! Surprisingly

Drift is too bad with droid turbo Drift makes this game unenjoyable, unplayable. Dont download if you have Motorola droid turbo. I gave 3 stars because I figure it's not devs fault? Game looks really cool, wish I could play it. Superb!

Love this game Only have the demo, visuals and customization are great. I wish it saved the control config though, it's a hassle to config each time. Drift is sometimes an issue, as well as glitching of view requiring a restart. Otherwise the best space combat sim for cardboard viewers to date! I usr a steelseries controller with this game, btw Cool

I like the game but.... When i opened the game it just move to a black screen and just stopped there plz reply me as soon as possible........... I m using an gionee F103 pro with 3gb ram its should be work on it plzz help me guys otherwise this game is great Great job

Great game It's what most vr gamers are looking for I think. The controls are OK, they are bit delayed at times on my edge 6. This is a great game to start building on. Brilliant

Confused I have a gear vr with a galaxy 7 edge and a steel series controller I play CB games all day long but this game i have heard so many good things about comes up on screen controls work but I can't take off towards unlocked gate. I can move in any direction I see pilots hand move when I touch left joystick I just can't move forward. Can't give an honest rating yet. HELP ME PLEASE. Works great

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