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Love the game.. but hate that it randomly says "connecting" during a game and it kicks me out giving me an automatic loss.. really sucks when youre doing a cup.. Flawless

Controller must more friendly and one more thing. Terminated whose cracked this game. Only the game, why someone doing that such act. Be gentlemen. Good

Best game nice every thing and there are many things to do i think every one should play this game because it makes you happy and the voice of audience makes you happy and some where it looks realbut last time i was playing spring cup so i was in gold a player came and his network were not coming so the game was paused there and i lost the game Recommend

Most people playing are cheating. Gets stuck very often. Pls do something about it Great job

Most times coins are deducted without play a game...its an major issue. I've lost 3000000 coins without getting a chance to play... Awesome

Great game,but the stages are not clear,am over 600 games,but still in career stage 2. And only 6 footballs to chose from inspire of regular updates ,very few stats .Should be known how to increase the stages etc. Not bad

Great game but goalkeeper is too slow to stop the ball, his moves are ineffective I think. Omg

Half way want to strt game the app is not working. And money gone. Pls do something. Great!

I played this before now am a rookie noob cuz I had it in my tablet now am using phone. am in level 5 Now. Muito bom!

It starts lagging when I'm about to win on important seconds it delays my shots feel like the system is rigged like other games and the matching isn't even fair most of the time I'm level 19 and get matched with level 30+ people like no chance at all to win. Go well

Great game play every day just lose connection at times during game that's frustrating Cool

Surprisingly good time killer. The in-game purchases sometimes are kinda boring (e.g when you're out of coins or paper and have to wait 2 hours for things to open again) but unless you intend to play this 24/7, it's alright. Graphics are pretty good. Controls sometimes are a bit unresponsive when goalkeeping. Overall pretty recommended!!! Highly Recommend.

The game is good and great fun but it is a real shame that while there are many women playing here and in the real football world, there are no female characters to choose from. Need to get up to speed on this one very quickly. Otherwise, Great game! Well done!!

Could improve the game handling and controls. It's not bad, but not accurate either The network. Seems bizarre. I'm using high speed net and wifi but the game keeps disconnecting itself. I lost so much of my winnings. Both the mini clip games this one and the basket ball. Has the same issue. Pls fix. It guys Perfect

Good game, bit a few cheaters in the game spoil it. A few glitches happen here and there, but great game overall Works perfectly

حلوة اللعبه بس فيه عيال بنت وسخه بتهكر اللعبه وتدخل تسرق فلوس عن طريق اللعب مع الخصم في الضربات الحرة او الشوط علي الدواير وبتهكر وتكسبك وتاخد فلوس سرقه عيال بنت متناكه بقي Worth a go!

Each player have to get own specialist from their capability.If someone get cards from real money you dont encounter to them.Your algorithm is have to be built on it. Marvelous

Love the game REALLY addictive, but the frustration comes with the bags they take too long to unlock Enjoy it!

The pen on note 8 stopped at the last 2 updates and i have been not playing the game for 2 month waiting to fix this issue Great job

So many hackers in this game , u cant win against them at all , when u try to play tier 6 u will face them Surprisingly

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