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THANKS IMAGE LINE THIS APP IS AMAZING.but pls make it cheaper for everyone world wide so they can enjoy the app thanks. Not bad

Great app for writing on tour. Also a good app to get your feet wet in a Daw setting! Flawless

I'm really liking the new improved interface, design and possibilities with the latest update. Looking forward to creating my first tune. Enjoy it!

If you have basic knowledge of music production then go for it ✌️ You will love it Well done!!

It's a good music app, I love everything about it, but it does not work through Bluetooth speakers or headphones, I've tried multiple devices. Works great

Best mobile production app in the world, obviously being a former of FruityLoops Well done!!

I think Fl studio mobile 3 is great but it needs a reverse audio option like there pervious versions. I also want to know when fl mobile 3.1.89 is going to be available for windows 10 Marvelous

Hi, I'm in need of some assistance. For some reason I can't use the sharing functionality between my CP100PA Chromebook and Galaxy S8. Why is this? Both are connected to the same Wi-Fi Network, all it keeps saying is 'No destinations found'. Please help, thanks. Amazing!

Wayyy better since the new 3.0 update. I've used the desktop version for 10 years. This is more than a "little" version of the main app. It's not just an ideapad; I can make songs that are just as good as my desktop tracks in many ways. In a lot of ways, it's much, much simpler than the desktop app. Not sure you wanna spend $200+ on the main thing yet? Try this. I can tell you this; it's worth way more than the $15ish that it costs. Excellent job, Image-Line. Just wow

I just started with Music and I guess fl studio mobile is really a good place to compose your music. It's working really smooth in my mobile. I am enjoying it every single second. wow lol

For an app it has decent sequence abilities, It's no NI machine though. Google catch up with apple, Offer the Machine app! Brilliant

I've learned it's so much about music production. Worth so much more than the money it cost for the app! Superb!

It's pretty cool. I made a few cool beat. It just need more plugins but I know it's in the making. So I'm gonna wait. You just need to be creative and take your time to learn. Great job

I bought this for full price which is not cheap compared to similar apps and was really enjoying mixing up a new track, I saved it and came back to find most of it had been reverted back and that Ihad to buy all the things I had used, so Itself like I have been conned into buying a shell when I thought I was getting a preloaded system which this is not, if you have to buy the plugin and samples well they should not be there to use in the first place, now I have an app that I will probably never use now because you have conned m and I dare say many others too. And I have already been to the forum you have set up and found it no help at all so don't bother trying to send me there because it's called passing the book Just wow

Pretty cool but I deleted the plugins by accident, and when I press the restore purchase, nothing happens. Is registered with my fl studio account. What's the issue? Other then that a pretty cool app, plus is there a way to expand the piano keys to play them? Cool

I like the app but I was also wondering how I can add acapellas and instrumentals to make remixes Must have

Hey I just bought this app yesterday and was wondering if i could import any samples to the app. If so please let me know. I like the app. Flawless

Easy fun. Of course it's not the PC version but it's amazing and does a lot. Full song maker as well. Muito bom!

I was told to use the help in the app and it was useless. I paid for the app and sounds that aren't being saved. I need my cash back if this issue isn't going to be fixed. Used fruityloops for years and i love it but if this issue isn't fixed, I'm going to have to use ableton or something. Amazing!

it wont let me edit or open any songs after i convert in into an mp3, effectivly destroying all of the work i just spent on a song i thought was good, so i convert it into a mp3 to share it, and now i cant play it, and its not showing up as an mp3 either. i tested this with another song, and it did the same thing, fix this and its an easy 5 stars, thats all i have to say, but seriously fix that Highly Recommend.

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