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Just want to know if u need Snapchat for this app to work. Plz answer me quickly Good

Oh my goodness this is sooooooooo amazing. Works great

It's perfect. Just what I wanted. A bit high on the space side, but the stickers are spot on. wow lol

Great, but I can't go back when I've made a mistake, and have to delete the whole thing to redo it. 4/5 ♡♡♡ Brilliant

I love this game and l wanted to know if you can do the game just like Snapchat Muito bom!

Need to be able to save easier and share to more than one place. If this already exists please email or txt me how. Highly Recommend.

Took awhile to download but it's.awesome get it its very fun hope you like it as much as I love it don't think I'm ridiculous download it:):)!! Amazing!

I loved it because i can't get snapchat on this phone and i love this app i think it is just like snapchat. Worth it!

Please add more photo filters please soo good if you do I will tell all my friends about it Marvelous

Snapchat is just a lot of fun you can do it with some friends, or face swaps so it is pretty neat Recommend

This app is just wonderful than I could ever think Worth it!

It is a great app it let's you do faces on snapchat the same faces but different faces every day it is the best Works perfectly

I love this app you get more then you do on normal snapchat really good DOWNLOAD NOW!! Great!

I think it's better than the other app.. because it's enjoyable ad it's fun.. Not bad

It is so much better than snapshot Must have

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