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Best Available There isn't a better file explorer available in my opinion. This app works and looks great. I tried many but this one was the best out of at least 20 I tried. Fantastic

Best app After ES explorer messed up with all the adverts, this is the best and light weight, no clean this, clean that stuff... Only file explorer and share option for files. Liked this very much. love it

Almost Perfect non-root file explorer Would like to see an explanation of the permissions requested, an about page, and message explaining why for some directories it can count the number of items but not list them. Worth a go!

It CAN copy files to SDcard (Marshmallow 6.1) I've tried several apps and I couldn't copy files to the SDcard. This one does the job perfectly. Thank you guys, 10 stars. (Sony Xperia X Android 6.1 Marshmallow) Recommend

Yay! The perfect, tidy and easy to use file manager that does everything I need from an attractive interface. Finally a device who understands essentials and cuts out the esoteric BS. Perfect!

File manager Love this app, way better than file commander with no ads and easy to use and move items frm one file to another Muito bom!

File Manager Does more than I thought it would do. Great internal music player for example, and gives quick access to Android features and settings. Works great

I found it best in all I facing many problem before this app. Now I can manage easily all files in my phone . Lovely Not bad

User friendly Love it so far I use this whit a usb otg cable to transfer sum old game play I had saved up on a usb that was hooked up to my ps4 Fabulous!

Well designed This app is great! I understand that there are ads since this is free, but less invasive and annoying. Kudos! Worth it!

Unable to modify SD card The only drawback of this application is its inability to edit/delete/cut/copy the content of SD card (external card), it is requested to developer to overcome this issue. Amazing!

Everything i need in a file explorer Just an amazing explorer app. After ditching es i was searching for an altetnative for a long time until i found it Brilliant

Absolutely love it, best ever! Can ANYONE tell me how to add/edit the favorites though? Enjoy it!

its good no ads! one more thing can you make the files hide? i hope i can hide some of my private files Omg

Outstanding app I no longer need to wire connect my phone to my PC to navigate through the file structure. I can easily locate, arrange or delete item on my phone without the connection hassles. Great app! Cool

Really good. No ads, no interuptions, just perfect. It's really impressive how they managed to have no ads in this app. Really useful tool, really good at managing files. Keep up the good work! :D Marvelous

Awesome but some times failed to transfer file mobile tu pendrive with otg. Add option to set ringtone plz Surprisingly

File Manager This is a very good program and it works great . I have not had any issues At all ! Great job

The best file manager on the play store If you just need a quick and easy file management system with heaps of unobtrusive features, make sure to check this app out. 5 star

Excellent that too free and without adds...!!! Really practical simple and having most of the functions that one needs regularly. Just do a favour and don't load adds in future too. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. Just wow

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