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It's fun because my little sister thought I was playing a game until I started to punch her Works great

Its pretty good, but it really drains my battery and heats up my phone a lot. If you guys can optimize it to work with less power, that would be super. Enjoy it!

It is kinda weird at First when you put it on and the only reason it looks like is zoomed in is because it's farther then your eyes Works perfectly

It's pretty decent for a vr app, as we all know not many vr apps are up to par with our standards of smartphones. But it does what it says it does, just don't expect to navigate with it on, it looks a bit zoomed in, but the pics come out normal, so that's good. Worth a go!

Well... Its nice but it was way too zoomed in, I dont like how you cant take a video. and even though it has 3 options at the bottom, I click on it and it takes a picture... + it corrupted my regular camera!!! It said I couldn't use it or something = ( 5 star

3 stars will give more after a issue The issue is for lg Nexus 5s and Nexus p6 the camera picture is showed up side down as a result of the app using and old camera API if it would get fixed I would give the app 5 stars 5 star

Great app However, I must know if and/or when you add a video recording feature, because that would be awesome Perfect

Cool but maybe you can add video recording. If that happens, 5 stars! ☆☆☆☆☆ Just wow

when trying to use the viewer this message pops up: vr_images directory path is not valid! please set the image directory name class... after taking the two photos for the 3-d viewer double-tapping to "save" does'nt save, it only re-activates whichever of the two photos you tapped on taking it back to live camera mode. Brilliant

It works, but causes random fatal crash Very cool app, great for framing first person style photos. However, it randomly causes my note edge to crash, and upon reboot the phone reports zero battery and immediately shuts down.

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