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Pleaseeee Please add option to directly go to a web address rather than just by searching on google...i really need it to connect to my wireless drive which needs web address but i cant connect with this browser..please Otherwise its awesome app Perfect!

Lacking key features While a great glimpse into the potential of VR, multi window support, a back button, and a mobile user agent with support for long press and scrolling would go a long way. Good

I agree with Garrett Really wanted to use the to stream from kissanime but i was only able to get audio. If you can some how fix this I would pay cash even. Just need my anime in VR. Guess I got to keep looking. Still a pretty cool app . Fantastic

Pogram seems to work but button works so unreliable that i couldnt type a single word Works great

Its buggy.... Hey....i type the URL and press search...then guess what happens.....nothing...all i see is a black screen....plz help...I love this idea...and want to experience it in real Just wow

Perhaps it is not having support to play videos since it shows grey screen while video is being played...? Must have

Great concept! But that's where it ends, I'll be back once the app matures a bit Not bad

So close I'm a user of Kissanime. The mobile website worked perfectly. The only issue is that when I open and play an episode only audio comes through. If we could fix that I would send you money even. I'd love to email whomever is in charge of this project and get to know the technology of this. Good

Wonderful- Some issues This app is awesome. But it needs a page back/ forward button, would rate 5 if you had that! Superb!

Its an okay app. Tho not all vr users has that magnet thingy like cardboard maybe add that feature like what xbox has. Just pointing the arrow on something and 3 seconds later itll click it. Since its a vr experience maybe u should take away the using the hand thing. Just the vr uk Amazing!

Are we really stuck with virtual screen mode. It needs full screen instead. I really can't enjoy using it unless it's full screen. Otherwise it does not stay steady. Also add keyboard support and a url bar. I've given you 5 stars in advance Awesome

It is really good I enjoyed it but i couldn't watch online videos please fix this and itis really amazing how you improved this browser. Just wow

Mouse i would like to have this feature in the browser. You can connect a mouse using usb otg. You use it to navigate like using a computer or touch screen Great job

Back key It's a only side by side browser. I want to ask developers for back key. I realy need it for watch online movies.

Maybe you cam make a deal with steam so you can play them in vr ! Definitely sounds good ! I'm wondering what kind of phone do u use in thease cases looks like it's for one kind of phone ......not samsung note 4 .....the again they already have gear vr.....but I wouldn't mind using this too??

a good beginning to VR web browsing But it drifting on my device(Note3) i will buy a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard to use it.

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