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Latest version doesn't reflect seem to understand that I paid for it. Ads keep popping up. Also FIVE areas of what to play before I can see my own games. Make those 5 smaller, please Perfect!

Most of the time, great questions and fun. Some questions are misleading or borderline inaccurate making it frustrating. Good game overall, however. Recommend

This game is fun. Nothing beats a game where you can play/challenge friends and learn at the same time. The questions are interesting. Just wow

The power up things you're supposed to get when you watch and add never work for me Surprisingly

The gmae is ok but they should make the questions for different age groups or do a test based on their intelligence. Fabulous!

I think it is a good way to test how smart you are and you can play with your friends and family Highly Recommend.

The inflation on the coins is ridiculous and there are so many ads. The newest glitch is that the home screen will disappear and I'll only see a banner ad. I tried closing and reopening the app, as well as updating it. Nothing helps. Amazing!

it was really fun at first but then I started using it too much and then it says that my network connection was bad but it was actually good and everything else was working accept trivia crack now its really sad and it said that maybe I had to update it so I updated it and it still doesn't work so now I'm really sad. I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really liked this game, but now it's not that good. Can you please fix this Great job

This game kills all the fun with the stupid questions about locations and places in the usa and especially stupid questions about american football. As a european i find this offensive. And stupid american medicine, how can i know the answer?????? Cool

No more crashes or freezing after the update, good job. The ads are still overkill. Perfect!

I get to test my knowledge of everything, and I really do learn something new everyday :) Great!

Love this game- play all the time... Don't like how they changed the response time from 48 hours to 24 hours Flawless

Very fun game but I do not like the new 24 hour wait time down from the 48 hour wait time. Enjoy it!

Only 24 hours to take your turn? If I'm not glued to the game, I lose all my matches. Ridiculous! Also, the missions are mostly unobtainable... When trying to answer questions from specific categories, the wheel conveniently avoids that particular category. Perfect!

It's fun, not overly complicated or too simple, some unnecessary add ons that have glitches and resemble a online pokie game opposed to trivia. Enjoy the classic game. Questions could do with a bit of improvement. Go well

Long ads are annoying. And many are repetitive. Disruptive to an otherwise challenging and fun game. Awesome

It is a fun game to play. My only complaint is the change in how much time you have to play back. I liked it better when it was two days. Cool

There is way to many adds and to many pop ups after you answer 1 question and currently the app keeps crashing and wont let me open it Must have

It's a great game, but you still haven't worked out the bugs, even with the new update done March 25, 2018. When you select the option to watch a short video for a hint or a second chance, the video will play, but you lose the hint or your second chance anyway. What's the point of wasting data on videos that don't give you what you're requesting anyway? Fabulous!

The only reason I don't give this 5 all 5 stars is because of the ads. There's ads after every turn. I'm not allowed to buy apps so I can't get the app free version. Fantastic

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