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Brilliant Really good atmosphere and it was so creepy! Good job. Is there a full game? Because I would toattally buy it!

Issues with controller mode Cardboard only mode works just fine, but when using controller mode the game only responds to the controller and not to head movement.

Just wont work Tried in two phones but did not work. Clicking on cardbord or cardboard plus controller both go to google play and again

Very spooky Love the creepy atmosphere. Doesn't work with my Moga game pad on a Galaxy Note 4 though.

Issues but fun I had fun playing with this game. But my Samsung galaxy s3 mini had a large problem. The right eye side doesn't work on my phone. I have to shut my right eye to see correctly which beats the whole point of virtual reality. But all in all the game itself was fun.

Want to play it but... It won't work after the update. I hear the sound and the footsteps but the screen is black.

Must play VR game! The controls needs work. But the graphics and detail are phenomenal 3D aspect is spot on. You feel like your actually there. I'll buy it once it goes past one chamber.

Nice hope for more in the future It's creepy which is good but its a demo and I would like a full game soon. Gamepad support? Shoot mummies. $3.99?

Great Very good. Quite convincing. Would have liked a mummy to freak me out in the demo tho

Can't understand the controls Though graphics and soundtracks r awesome I can't find th magnets which I m suppose to use for moving. Please can somebody help me ? Fabulous!

Controller issues. Seams ok but can't get the blue tooth controller to work properly? Normally you head in the direction that your facing but as soon as I turn around the controller heads in the opposite direction. I'm using a mad catz controller with a Samsung s4. Would of been nice to have sound fx rather than the constant soundtrack. Find that more atmospheric. That said, nice graphics and game play. Worth a download. Great job

Excellent Game A really fun and intriguing simulation that uses the Cardboard system in a whole new way! Fantastic

Decent It doesn't exactly need brains to escape. Download if you want the amazing experience of being inside an Egyptian tomb Recommend

Just a demo Really creepy and atmospheric, but all for nothing sadly. Should be bigger and something needs to be down there with you to keep you on edge wow lol

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