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I really liked the app but once I deleted it and again when I installed it, it was showing that email Id already taken. And now I can't use the app. I don't know what to do Marvelous

It worked great other than the fact my videos will not save to my dubs. Also without earbubs when you record it won't have any sound. I don't know if that is just my but, I would give five star if it is fixed love it

This app is amazing it's super fun you can dance and lip sync to your favorite songs Works perfectly

This app is great its great app In this app we have many effects and its overall great app its dubing Plz download Cool

***New features needed***: #Dubs sent by friends to us should be allowed to be uploaded in our my moments Awesome

I love this app I post dances from here on Insta follow my Insta ya_ya1305 and my YouTube amaiya star plze I will appreciate it Go well

I think it's fun and great and simalar to musically witch is my favorite app so this is my new favorite musically still is to Flawless

While trying for a dubsmash video.. While recording... the audio clip is not playing. It must be a bug or something.. Pls do something about it Pretty good

Its awesome. Iam a BTS stan and because they used it often i became attracted to download it. But its really great. Perfect

I love it so much i cant explain why it. Is just interesting great funny i love it Amazing!

This is the new app since people stooped ✋ using thank u 4 have Dubsmash i Omg

When in selfie mode, it is very dark. No lighting at all... Tried everything. but no use! I don't know why it is happening so! Just wow

I do no how to use this it is defecult but I love this app Surprisingly

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Am enjoying wid this app a lot... But a small problem is there! When we r recording the video it looks clear pixel,but when the recording is finished..the video is getting blurred.. Dear Admin plss fix this problem.. -note: it's not only in my mobile..the same problem occurinng in Other mobile phones the fault is in App only. Plss fix this problem and make it clear..then we will give 5***** stars Omg

I think that it should have better stuff on andriod like filters and when you post stuff it wont sound ragly then when u actually do the dub.... why do iphone always gotta be better than android just make them equal Flawless

TIPS: Tip no. 1: Dont ever delete this app bcause itz cool and amazing. love it

Great app but I have a problem with signing in. Apparently my time is not correctly set. But my time is correct. I changed the format of my time and I still can't log in. Not bad

I really like it it is so good to listen to good songs that you like.and I love how it does not have know ades.also I like how you can make and chose a song that you want to make and post it to your friends Pretty good

I love it . But the problem is that my dubs aren't being saved in "my dubs" .There is only one option and that is to share. Or else my dub will be deleted . Plz fix this up.......Tq Go well

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