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I like this game cause my maths is weak and this game is truly helping me a lot. Thank you dot to dot Perfect!

I lllllllooooooovvvvvvveeeeeee this game it's so fun and so addictive I hope they make a dot to dot 2 5 star

عااااااااالیه همگی دانلود کنید کیرم دهن سازندش خیلی برنامه خوبیه همگی دانلود کنید عااااااالیه Well done!!

Entertaining at least Beat all levels but it says I'm missing one on 9x9 although all of them are starred. Also after I finished level 96 on 10x10 it went to another level. After I beat that one the game crashes. And there isn't a level 97 listed in 10x10's. 8x8 says I've completed one more level than there is available.... Just small things that aren't game breaking, just minor bugs Worth a go!

Dot to dot 632 Wjamjwjgj Ajajmjha 4;;(;@(@(6())) (7(@)@7 ))7))(;((( . ())))(;. .. 5;([email protected]@@ . ;(;(;))))))))))))))) Works perfectly

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