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Game is just ok it can be good...if a small change is possible then pls do that the walls are so close to each other...and from starting onwards this game is tough to play so better if its difficulty increases with increasing level Go well

It is a nice game but the theme of game is not interesting. All those it is nice.:-) Fabulous!

Competitive game if you play with friends and challenge. Great way of ******* somebody's brains up. Bit irritating if you keep playing alone. Keep up though. Fantastic

This game is not so......boring when I get time I play this week and...... I like this game Must have

I have scored 62 and still my achievement shown is only 24 which I had scored previously .can u please fix this issue asap Great job

Plz make a small change while clearing one block the score should be updated when we come out of one block but the score gets update when we reach the middle of the block ...plz fix this Recommend

It's a nice game the gameplay is nice the controls are nice mind blowing very nice fantastic it's a nice way to paas time and also when we are bored. Well done!!

eddictive ! Good time pass it's not boring if you play full of interest then the game owsme when you're playing off WiFi then no problem of ads in every games Just wow

If your concentration level is high then Good for you.. Copy of flappy Burd game but still interesting. Surprisingly

Its good game little bit hard and please change its back ground it disturbed a lot but overall game is good 5 star

Nice and challenging game, but my score is not getting updated, plz resolve it.... Works great

I will give it 5 star but there is a problem... My high score is 43 right now and the score board is still display my old record 28 so i just give 3 Amazing!

This game is not easy to play, Yet I was reached at level 65 after playing many times round, I would suggest who has made this game, there should be provision of rewards (R&R) who has and will reached top 10 in All time's round like wallet balance, if you will do as I suggest your game becomes very famous and popular. Highly Recommend.

I download this game just to get 10000 coins in ludo king.. this is fake game. Ludo king is real. love it

Are yaar mera score 70 he par record me Q 56 hi aa raha he..Bar bar me kitni bar 56 se aage ja chuka hu..par saalla 56 par bi atka he.. Worth a go!

No1 game I like it . my score is 50 I can fully enjoy it but make some easy steps Surprisingly

Nice game to play. Enjoyable game. Must play the game. Bounciness is well balanced loved it... Go well


Nice game Recommend

I love this game so download now and play this game and don't forgt to like and write a short review Awesome

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