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I download this app while seeing its name l take a photo and starting to edit and it is showing many ads so i rate only 3 stars Highly Recommend.

Hello everyone I jasnoor I request you should try this ASAP please you also like this it is very nice Cool

Beautiful This app is great. Everyone is saying that it is boring, but this isn't supposed to be a game, it's an editor! Who cares if it's fun or not, just make pretty pictures! I love the frames in the app, and the filters are nice too. I would give it 5 stars, but the adds in the app can get kind of annoying. If you get rid of the adds, I will give this app the top rating. I HIGHLY recommend this app. I will tell my friends about this. Thanks for making this! I love it! Muito bom!

افتضاح اصلا جز صفحه ی سیاه هیچی نیس Not bad

Love it I Love it SO much cause I took a picture and it was great that is Why I gave it 5 star's . Perfect!

Love it I love it because my sister loves it so much and she uses every single day and she's so happy because of her backgrounds and also I rated 5 stars because it's so good Works perfectly

Love it I love it I read all the reviews and they all seemed pretty good so I got it and it works perfect! Fabulous!

Cute Girl Selfie Photo I gonna give it *****. Yes that's right a Five. It takes beautiful pictures and the backgrounds are great.. I love the backgrounds you can have so much fun. This is a keeper. It's here to stay.

Gr8 but... It's absolutely AMAZE-A-LICIOUS but there are way too many ads. They keep popping up and it really annoys me so plz fix and I'll r8 5*

always read reviews before downloading any app first of all red the reviews.this is the only app whoch has all positive reviews

It's the cutest game ever!!!!! I love it I took a picture of myself and I put a background on my picture and I put it on my home screen and it's awesome and I also put my mum's friends daughter in my lock screen and she is beautiful with the love yourself background I love it I'll rate it 5 stars!!!!!

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