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This game has given me a headache when ever I press next level it shows me a ad and everytime the ad is for 1 minute.. Other wise the game is fine. Highly Recommend.

Really fun game, but there's way too many ads and many of them are long ads. A lot of times I spend 10-15 seconds actually playing the game only to watch a 30 second ad and this happens way too frequently. Gameplay is good but sometimes the difficulty is more due to lack of ability to see in the right place now so than actually game difficulty. Surprisingly

Cut the rope is a really fun game. However, I haven't had any pictures since box 1. I love seeing om nom messing around! Bring back the pictures please! Otherwise, brilliant and I recommend! Muito bom!

I hated how many ads there were. As soon as I finished each level there was an ad! So annoying!!! Perfect!

Great game! Wonderful game for kids to get their brains working while having fun! Om nom, the green animal, is an awesome character! You have to cut the ropes so he can get the candy but sometimes, when you are at a high level, it is very challenging! It is a really fun game! Awesome

I really love this game, it's so simple yet fun. I played this back then when I'm in HS, and now I'm installing it again. A really long time haven't play this game. Is it just me or this game have lots of ads now? But I'm still love this game 5 star

I love cut the rope since I was around four and now I am twelve but the only problem is that there is so many adds so if you can fix the amount of adds that there is I will give it five stars . But overall it's a really good game and I will continue playing probably my whole life if possible:) Muito bom!

It's a cute game with lots of levels. Got to think hard sometimes how to solve it! Don't like the ads too much, but it's free so I deal with the ads. Enjoy it!

Hello to anyone who said that they had many ads, Maybe you are playing with WiFi on. To disable ads, First turn off your Wi-Fi network then stop Cut the Rope for 5 minutes then go to app. If it's not working then repeat Step 1 and Step 2 Recommend

I can tell I'm going to spend hours on this game. Innocent, fun loving, and for all ages. This game will be loved by me for years to come. Highly Recommend.

WELL... This is fun but please fix bugs, lower adds,make it harder and maybe, instead of having 'my om nom' try to make this app cut the rope with pet om nom,so you can take care of om nom and play cut the rope at the same time! Must have

I like the game, it is fun. However there are so many ads it gets in the way of gameplay. Brilliant

I like this app so much! So challenging!! But all i dont like is the controls, it is so slow and theres an ad that will pop every game i play! Surprisingly

It's so fun and cool there is sooo many levels that... You can never get bored with it. Awesome

Great little game except i downloaded it to play in a quiet place but after turning off music and sound it over ride the settings. I also put my phone mute on and it still played music on ads and when pressing the arrow button in the game. Not impressed Not bad

So it's amazing..... Challenging..... And om nom is very cute.... When he gets the candy he looks too cute.... But when he did not gets the candy then too he looks cute and I like to feed him daily.... I suggest everyone who is seeing reviews and downloading this game..... Plz dwnlod it.... I recommend you should download it for joy and refreshment........ Not bad

This game gets your brain going its like measuring angles...sort of. Over all awesome. But try to fix the small amount of laginess. And omnom is so cute!! Fabulous!

Very good game but you can add some new features to the game. The ads are very disturbing and we are not able to play The game continuously Brilliant

I think you should stop a lot of adds it is ok when it comes after 5 games but this one is coming continuesly. All of the game is the best Great!

Its so cute Can you make a show of this game i know theres clips but when you do the do season 1 2 3 Worth a go!

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