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I think you should make a number two,but with cartoon characters from all TV shows! love it

Good for fnaf but don't get how u lose jet pack and how to fly with out the jet pack and why can't we go to the other side makes no sense why can't we sit or lay down or why can't It be night time Cool

It is a good game you can play multiplayer and single player it is cool love it love you Worth a go!

Love this game is amazing love it so much I can do ain't love this amazing game love it Perfect

Awesome game! You should make it so that you have profiles and dating and things though. With that, an easy, well-deserved 5 stars! Perfect!

Its A good game but add new guns and FPS mode cause I cant really hit enimes in third person mode Go well

I picked it's OK because I wish we didn't have time and we can do whatever we want Great!

The greatest game ever The game was nice but please in the updates make something like updated please because there's only profile is only changing but no heroes know many anything no many items nothing just please fix it. Great!

Pls read this,this might be important 1.remove auto aim on enemies make it like crosshair in middle so we cant shoot harder 2.add fps mode because im getting bored of third person 3.add more guns because im so bored of those old guns its lame An lastly............. Keep up the good work Just wow

Hi dupi game can you please make an update that let you keep the jetpack just power it up in the shop Superb!

I love all of it!! It's just you should be able to follow people beacuse if u make friends and wanna say "join me in the server called _____" you can not see them again but overall awesome! Not bad

I LOVE THIS GAME! I especially love driving the cars (that's one of my favorite parts!) Now I notice in the character selection there are African American boys......which is great...but I would like African American girls to be in it to! (I'm not being racist I'm just stating my opinion! Fabulous!

Well, it's great Reason 1. You have LOADS of characters Reason 2. You have millions of different weapons Reason 3. You can get arrested and it's fun to get arrested in the game Reason 4. You have Tanks, vans,cars and loads more Reason 5. There's millions of places to explore Reason 6. You can be in the army! Reason 7. You can KILL ANYTHING Reason 8. You have a map to help you around Reason 9. You can play online with friends Reason 10. It's fair because the other people can kill you! You can also go on mission mode too! Great game!!! Perfect!

I just say this game is a bit boring cause u can't really do anything besides shoot and talk on multiplayer games I would like when it's updated that people can add their own characters in the game cause the skins now people know and r bored of and I wish we could build things like MCPC and stuff so can u please add that. Well done!!

Its kinda boring cuz i can't build anything nor choose a choice of my own skin and u can only kill Highly Recommend.

Please read my comment youshould add more weapons and more buildings that we could go in to like police station and you should add more cars and you should fix all the glitches and you should add planes that we could and you should add a friend request button and a button were you join with your friends button and add more skins or a thing that we could were whatever skins we want to wear like minecraft and you should fix the glitch when we put one letter and it puts two letters. Works great

I love this game you can change characters and buy it and get weapon s in the shop..........! Cool

Cool cuz its similar to Minecraft and GTA 5 but....people have rude world names and its disgusting but the game is amazing!!!! Surprisingly

Like this app it cool just a little problem can you add us to be able to ride planes Flawless

I apsalootly love that s game its so cool:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) B-) B-) B-) B-) B-) B-) :-$ :-$ :-! :-) O:-) :-[ :-[ O:-) :-D :-[ :'( :-[ :-\ :-) :-( :-! :-$ :-P B-) :-$ :-\ O:-) O:-) :-D :-[ :-D :-[ :-P :-! :-P :-$ :'( Works perfectly

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