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This is amazingly accurate.. Spot on with present situations and already seeing the predictions coming to pass. Worth it! Great job

Switching from iPhone to android and basically every app has too many ads. I understand developers needs this (money earned from ads) to continue working on free apps but 10 ads in 2 mins is way lot more. So is the same with this app. Functionality wise it is good. Pretty close to accurate when it comes to readings Well done!!

I love this app! It is very accurate regarding my current love situation. I am so glad to have found it! ❤❤❤❤ Flawless

Used it for 3 days so far and about present situations it is spookily accurate! I'm hoping the future events are just as accurate. Good

Not working anymore. Not getting my reading. Contacted issue not resolved. It's working again. Issue resolved. Go well

I give it 4 stars because its on point with my current situation. But the future ones, still will see if it comes true. Lastly because I had told my sister to download it and try it herself and we noticed that it had said something very familiar, exactly the same reading. But we'll shall see. Overall it gets addicting cause some of the accuracy. It is worth downloading it Must have

I love this app you got so many details correct about me I can't wait till you read more Go well

It's fun! The original text is translated from another language to English, resulting in interesting wording. Still you understand the overall meaning. Well done!!

Seems to be perfec but not sure unless precditions come true...overall good app Cool

I know its good cause my friend tried first and everything that it said it was on point Perfect!

I love this. It's amazing of how much they know about you with just my name and birth date .I spoke not one word of my personal love info or any info about the man I love ,not even his name or the situation we r in and they got everything so right on the spot.. This app is 100% . shame on all who don't belive lol.. love it

Çoğu gelişmeyi doğru tahmin eden bir uygulama, fal meraklıları için güzel. Perfect

Fal yorumlarını başka uygulamalar üzerinden paylaşma özelliği gelmesi lazim Brilliant

I've only had one reading so far, but it was spot on I believe. One free reading a day with opportunities to earn credits instead of buy them :) Marvelous

I was amazed to see that it actually told me my question's answer that I was thinking Flawless

Accurate and timely fortunates. Great user interface :) what else does one need from a fortunate app ! Not bad

Yapilan yorumlar diger uygulamalara bakilinca cok daha dogru ve eglenceli. Tavsiye ederim Well done!!

Gerçekten çok güzel bir uygulama . Tek kötü yanı günlük 1 tane hak olması . Omg

The fortunes the application sends are long enough to satisfy you and seem accurate. The best fortune telling app I have ever used! Awesome

Gerçekten güzel bir uygulama her kahvemde gönderiyorum Ve cok güzel şeyler söylüyor tesekkurler falaaddin Superb!

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