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I like this app but I would prefer to be surprised by the end picture. I don't like knowing what the picture is before I start. Can't you do some that don't have any shading on the original image? love it

I love it! I love doing challenges like hard coloring drawings because I always get to compete with my mom and its really fun ( ˘ ³˘)❤ Highly Recommend.

Love coloring. It's fun and addicting that u just can't stop but u keep going until your battery runs down to 10 percent. Good job for this app!! Awesome

It's a good game very addictive. However it would be nice if there, were more free colouring pitcure put up they only ever seem to come up twice, and that usually late at night. I have had many pictures come up free and I've coloured them and finished them, and when i look again you have to pay for them, how can they be free one mintue then the next you have to pay for them?? It would also be nice if some of the picture you have to pay for were free. Just wow

I am very unhappy with game because of losing the color on some pictures after almost completed. I see other people are having this problem. Please fix. Also some pictures do not have any colors to use and if clicked on lock up the device. Recommend

Thank you for doing lovely game,it's my best game I ever had Must have

I love the coloring, but I think $7.99 weekly is outrageous. Now if it were $7.99 a month is do able. Google play music is only 7.99 a month and most of the apps in the playstore are anywhere between .99 and 9.99 so 7.99 weekly is way to much. Amazing!

This app is a good app for if u get bored easily and it hasn't came mither any viruses yet so Yh u should go and down lode it Perfect

I like it but it took forever to load like really my internet is faster and my internet is really slow.ok it has been like an hour sense I hit the install button and it still isn't done installing yet Great job

This app is amazing it keeps me busy and I'm not sure if the crown one are the one we have to buy or are all of them free Great!

I love this game and If you think you are not good at drawing than just get this game and you can colour and create an amazing piece of art. Amazing!

I love this app because it's so easy and you can do it in your spare time and I'm only 11 years old and I love this app more then any other app I have. Brilliant

I love this app so much. It relaxes me and it is really fun to play. My favorite ones are the unicorns, and coloring the people's faces. I would like to give a big thanks to the creates of this app. It's not just me that plays this game, but my sister, both brothers, and my mom. We usually do the same pictures and see who could go faster. Thankyouuuuuu!! Recommend

I liked it except for one problem. I don't know how to delete a picture from my gallery. It is a huge problem. Please help Amazing!

What I thing of this so is that it has a lot of pictures to draw and to color . And this app has no adds . which is awesome. I like the drawing that you can color . the only thing that I doubt like is that you can not do your own pictures but I do recommend this app it is awesome Fabulous!

Over all a good app. My only real gripe ia when you grt down to on box pf one color it can take forever to find. wow lol

I love this app mostly, but there are a couple things I have noticed. Firstly, I would like to be able to zoom in more on the more complicated pictures, it gets difficult to fill in the pixel I want when it is so small. Second, I'd love to see an option to use different brush sizes, filling in all those tiny pixels one by one gets insanely tedious and is actually really bad for your wrists. Thirdly, I think it would be amazing if users could create and share their own color by number pages too, even if you have to have unlimited to do it I still think that would make the unlimited membership actually worth paying for. I would get it now but it really isn't worth the amount that it costs me to keep up a subscription. Fantastic

I used to love this app . However $31.99NZD is a lot for a month subscription. And I'm getting a little upset with the big pictures they have multiple numbers for the exact same colour. My favourite part is the end where it shows you how you coloured your picture. Its addictive i try different ways to see the end result. Cool

This app is very easy to use and they have tons of images to choose from to color. I love color by Pretty good

Amazing and fun game but sometimes when I get out it deletes all my progress and I have to start all over again. Please have that fixed its very annoying to put so much time in coloring something then having it delete all your progress. Perfect

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