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The CPU is trash. I play in tournaments and I am amazing. But the CPU is ridiculous. Graphics are OK but 3d is better than 2d. Controls should give the option not to make a special move. Fabulous!

It's a perfect app for learning and has a few cool styles of board and pieces. I experience minimal adds. I am yet to play with another person so not sure how it is online yet but so far, I couldn't be more pleased! Thank you! Just wow

Very good app. Can be very ruthless in pro mode if you make a mistake. It's a good thing because you won't want to make the same mistake again. The higher levels are sometimes to good in the calculated moves I have to move down and work my way up again. Overall a brilliant app all chess players should have. Perfect!

Love this game! I customized my board and peices from several different themes to choose from, I chose my level of difficulty and whether or not I get hints and an Undo Button for the last move. This is perfect for someone that has basic knowledge of Chess and wants to improve their game Marvelous

Top class app.Amazing variations in CPU play.Almost like human.Graphics are most eye pleasing.Challenging yet player friendly. I didn't see anything like this anywhere else.Truly enjoyable experience. Not bad

I think Chess Free is awesome and it's the most popular chess app ever!! Chess is an ancient game where two minds meet on the battlefield to find out the mental capacity of the opponent and test the skills and gambits that you've been studying. Chess Free is the best app for playing with your friends or enemies online. Great chess games to everybody. Amazing!

There's no time limit on multiplayer. People take FOREVER to make one move so it is extremely boring especially if I want a fast paced game. This is my only complaint. Otherwise it is a good game. The pieces look good, the board looks good, there's a cpu to practice on with different difficulties. Multiplayer is frustrating though cause people take forever and usually afk matches and it doesn't count as a loss for them. Surprisingly

I didn't mind the ads until it got to the point where I had to wait before i could close them. I enjoy this app and would purchase it to stop those damn annoying ads. But now I'm pissed off. You lose. I'm choosing another app that doesn't have ads that forces me to wait until the advertiser releases control of my tablet. Fabulous!

This game really helps me to improve my game !! It's awesome though some points- 1) The multiplayer mode is not good. You need 10 minutes to search a opponent and when you find one he/she doesn't make a move for another one hour... 2) Graphics can still be improved. 3) Create tournament Worth it!

I've always liked Chess Fee. This is not my first time down loading this app and I'm quite sure it won't be my last. I love the graphics and the way it lets you go from being a beginner to a pro. Keep up the good work Chess Free and I'll keep down loading this app app every time I get a new phone. Recommend

Level 12 causal mode takes way too much time to make a move...I bet lvl 7/8 seems somewhat harder than lvl 12 in pro mode. Amazing!

, so when it says I'm in Checkmate I can easily take out the piece with my king and there's nothing protecting that piece but it won't let me do it it just says oh checkmate Surprisingly

The computer is kicking my ass at level 3, but i love it...and soon that mofo is going down...until level 4 cpu starts brutalizing me all over again... My point being, this is an awesome app where you learn pretty fast... Works perfectly

The difficulty is wildly swingy. It goes from being at my skill level to suddenly mopping the floor with me to me mopping the floor with it. If i set it for one level... I expect it to stay there unless I change it. Also... The Ads... Too many damn ads. It would be okay if the ads didnt chew up my data because they all seem to be videos. Enjoy it!

Very good chess game. However it is prone to making dumb moves in an absorbing game even on level 12. It responds well to unorthodox openings so I am more than happy with it. Great!

A good app to learn chess. Level of difficulty is adjustable and you have the option to take back your dumb moves. Just wow

Great game. Difficulty settings is very elastic, so it can be adjusted even for total beginnes and increased according to player improvements. There are also popup explanations of less known moves, which I thought were bugs\cheating in other apps. Adds are not much disturbing, there is only small banner above game area and five seconds full screen animaton before starting new game. I tested few chess apps and sticked to this one. Works perfectly

Nice quick anytime chess game, that has multiple player levels to play against at random. Also other features I have yet to explore. Flawless

Very nicely designed. All rules are very well defined. One is missing when only king is left tje opponent gets only 16 moves to wim the game. Else game is draw. Great job

I think that the difficult its well achieve. The only problem is that the AI can estimate unlimited alternatives for each movement. And in not like u are fighting with a AI, cuz the AI can find a way to beat you with the very first move Fantastic

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