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Just beat Jennifer on my 3rd try on 10×10 with international difficulty... feels good Highly Recommend.

Реклама занимает много экранного места. Скромнее нужно быть. Works perfectly

This game is very interesting. .A friend introduced it to me and i found out i didnt waste my time downloading it.. Omg

Love this checkers game it's awesome I download others but this one is my all time favorite Marvelous

I like the idea of having a friend on my phone and you can get playing with your new friend Great job

It was a great game but the only thing I didn't like was that whenever you can jump someone it will Make you jump that person even if they can jump you back and you have to jump them even if your a king and then you will lose your king Worth a go!

I like the game so much. It's perfect in every way. I just wish I could analysis and save game for replay. Good

Great fun but I would prefer a couple of things: Ability to see board after game to view positions etc, without pressing back key; Count of pieces in play along top as game progresses. Other than that a great app. Good

It gives me more time to relax and have fun. It relives my boredom time and as it makes me think more. This game is enjoyable playing it. Works great

I think this gives me a good time to just relax and have fun. At one point I was stuck but now I'm feeling better because of how much I learned. Muito bom!

It's a good game but please update so that it becomes more challenging than the expert level it addictive though Just wow

Jenifer spends so much time before responding to play. Do something about it quickly. Awesome

You have to download!this is the BEST game I have ever gliches.great controls amazing gamplay awesome time killer Highly Recommend.

I like it. No issues yet. If it turns out to be rubbish I will just delete it from my device (Galaxy S7) wow lol

Good game for many different skill levels, from a child's skill set up to an experts skill set. All and all a good game for everyone Surprisingly

Checkers is one of those games that you played with your Dad while you were waiting for dinner. It brings back memories that we all have forgotten. This app does just that. It is simple and complex. There are many levels to challenge you or an easy game to play when you are distracted. Checkers is one of the 3 games most people had in their closet. The other 2- Scrabble and Monopoly. Enjoy the memories. Fantastic

Game is simple to control and great for a quick game. Graphics aren't amazing, but then they don't need to be for such a simple game. Hours of fun love it

Simple but addictive, keeps you going back for more either to increase your win streak or finally get a win against a tough opponent...well worth it. LOVE It! Recommend

You get to verse people your level then build up, and play in real life. So I give this game a 5 star. 5 star

It's super cool u can play by your self and with people who are on the game but u play with your phone Just wow

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