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Just enough challenge to keep it interesting. I'm addicted! Before I know it, two hours have passed. Good

I like the root of how I get out from the prison out of the tower and then to the out side world 5 star

Fun game, great length especially for free. The controls lagged occasionally but otherwise was good. The puzzles were a little difficult at times but not overly hard, and if all else failed you can use the walkthrough. wow lol

I only gave gameplay 3 stars because some of the tasks within a level are pretty hard and there are no hints. And when you watch a walkthrough it is sometimes too fast to figure out what to do to your game. If you can't complete the level there is no way to advance. But I still really like this game. Fabulous!

This game is very fun ,works without WiFi and puzzles ur mind u must download this game !!! Well done!!

Love the game but cant get past level 15. Like others have said, theres a glitch in the game where the red and yellow flags are on opposite sides than what they are supposed to be, making the level impossible to complete... Enjoy it!

I really liked dis game..... Normally i won't complete dis type of games bcoz no perfect clues... But did game is well executed and... I liked it... Great job

Love this game, it's not too hard or too easy. I just wish it was a bit longer and that there was a hint button instead of having to watch adverts for the walk through. Muito bom!

V good graphics and puzzles but on some levels it's totaly unreasonable puzzles to solve. Awesome

Unlike the other can you escape games, it does not save my state: it is a little bit annoying, the other things are OK. Recommend

Keep our minds rolling, Mobigrow not to be befriending but Trapped is a very good, keep you awake when ya know ya gotta get up and go to work without sleep Flawless

It definately requires you to figure out what you're suppose to find. There are no clues to point you in the right direction. If watching the videos for help, you are forced to watch the commercial EACH time which is what makes this game such a pain. Great idea but not intuitive as to what you are suppose to do. Perfect

Wonderful game I really enjoyed figuring out the puzzles good controls decent Graphics no complaints. Omg

Pretty cool game and they didn't try to make me buy the last couple levels which was a huge surprise Highly Recommend.

We will face little difficultly between 14 & 15th levels, no hints are provided, remaining levels are ok but I think without watch video clips, we cannot complete it. My suggestion is we need few hints to cross the levels. Great!

On level 3 you pick up 3 bricks and place them in the slots. When I picked them up one of the bricks disappeared?? So I couldn't complete the puzzle. That sucks. Will reinstall to see if it does it again Reinstalled and worked good Enjoy it!

Worse When I have to watch the video, the ad come first and then the video option come. Good

Nice game but can be better for reference see the room game its awesome ...try to make this at that level add story in it..overall its ok Worth it!

Great game. Innovative levels. Puzzles challenging but solvable. Plus its free to play. Loved it! Must have

I miss the complexity of codes from the first few Can Yous... Think they were sacrificed for more sophisticated graphics. But this was not a bad game. Perfect!

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