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Its a great calculator but i am from India and in India we have different number system , we usually have a comma after two digit , can you help me with that? Cool

Great tool. Everything it's always on where you need it and it is really smooth to use Must have

The calculator has been a very handy tool. Unit and currency convertor are well designed but the best thing is the SMMI test. However, in the latest updates the battery test has become brief in description. Earlier it used to show status and charge left in mah but not now. Please update the app for more descriptive SMMI battery test. Must have

This app is good but can you incress the history space . When i am calculate 5 to 6 calculation my past history is remove so please fix this bug. Great job

Best 3-in-1 features (calculate, unit converter and fx conversion) in a beautiful optional dark color theme Great job

Hi, very nice app, plz add crypto currency on currency converter like as bitcoin and other Fabulous!

Formal as well as scientific both the calculators are very good and easy to use. One thing i want to add is that if the calculations shown in history are editable then it will more better. Thanks to Zen UI Asus Computer... Worth a go!

In dark mode of calculator, for deleting history, delete (bin) icon is in black color.. so it's difficult to search the delete option(only in dark mode). Please make that delete (bin) color to orange in dark mode. Rest is perfect.. Works great

This app was very good but now since currency converter not working it feels very Fabulous!

No problem, except the currency converter issue...please fix the issue ASAP, it's very worth it..thank you Flawless

whats wrong with the currency converter? this is so annoying! how much long will it take to get fixed? Go well

Currency converter STOP !! I really love this apps before, especially the currency converter ... since I updated it, currency converter no function,... feel very bad. Fabulous!

For some reason, this app wont update even though an update is available here. I'm running android 7.1.1.. please fix it. I dont like having outdated aps on my phone Recommend

It's a nice app but I would recommend that you please provide an option to the user to display history on the calculations page itself so that it's easier to review what we did earlier rather than again and again go to the history page. For this you could decrease the size of the buttons so as to keep larger space for displaying ongoing calculations and history together. 5 star

Still looking for that discount% in the list with the currency converter an unit converter. If it has discount counter I would give 5 stars Amazing!

While Calculating a Particular Numbers why does this App not support predictable answer support, like in Mi Calculator and other inbuilt calculators. Plz update as soon as possible. Marvelous

Best calc from Asus !! Unit converter feature is excellent. Keep up the good work Asus !! Highly Recommend.

This app is so good and usefull, and its the best calculater I've ever seen, but old version had two zero, and was much better Flawless

Great calculator, it can calculate 2+2 precisely. Mindblowing perfomance too. No need to use my finger for counting a number anymore. Perfect!

I want the previous version back, I dont like the current one.. the colours are too bright and look acid.. Great!

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