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Simple, and yet incredibly addicting. Ads get annoying though. I'd prefer if there was a separate option for 'purchase 0 hints but remove ads anyways'. Either way, the app is really clever and a lot of fun. 5 star

What a great game! It's based on some simple ideas which were executed well. I love the simple interface and cute visuals and sounds. What a plot twist of an ending too. It got pretty challenging and I actually wrote Matlab scripts to solve a handful of the puzzles by brute force. That in itself was a fun little exercise. On gripe I have though is that when you have decimals and portals together, the game freezes. I had to force close and restart the game every time that happens. Please fix. Perfect

I love this game but even though it logs in to Google play it doesn't sync across devices and I'm further on my tablet than my phone. I want to buy one of the hint packs to remove ads but I'm not gonna do that if it's only on one device. That's just a waste. Also, there should be an option to email y'all so if there's an issue no one has to post it here publicly. Update: I beat the game and I NEED MORE! This game is amazing and that ending..? WHOA OK. Please add more levels or make a sequel! wow lol

Early review: Cute game, basic math stuff. Good game play, level progression, game mechanics. Later review: the game is very difficult on later levels, with no real strategy to process through them. Seems like you either get the level or don't. Also uses an insane amount of data to download ads. 5 star

Amazingly innovative and interesting game for everyone! Something that you see and say why was this not made earlier! This one is simple and beautiful and everything that you need one fun math game to be, but most importantly, its a game that is relatable to everyone. I have been playing this with my calculator all my life and never in a fun setting like this. Thank you developer, you game me my favorite game ever! Works perfectly

I just finished the game and it was cool little story and a lot of fun for numberphiles likes myself. Except the last mechanic, I was slapping buttons until an answer became obvious is 2 to 3 moves lol. Great game anyway! Great job

This game is pretty clever, I'm like 70 levels in and enjoying it. My only problem is the hint system. You're given a daily hint but you have to watch a video for it. This is annoying but I do understand why it's there. What I don't understand is how I can have the opportunity to get a free hint in one level but then it disappears with the next one. Other than that, the game is charming and fun to math nerds like myself :D wow lol

Simple yet challenging game. If you enjoy playing with numbers and figuring out puzzles, this is the game you've been looking for. Very basic controls. Nothing super complex. The tutorial is very well explained. This game is easy to understand, yet it can hard to complete. I don't rate games a lot, but I figured that this game deserved a rating. Thank you for reading. Works great

Love the game... I thought after downloading it I'll find simple boring math equations, but to my surprise I got the contrary... Game's challenging and a very good brain test... Enough to test if I still know my numbers like I did some years baq... I appreciate what you guys did... Keep it up... 5 star

Fun math game with a clean and solid presentation. Good quick controls that sound (old school calculator *ka-chunk*) and feel good. Difficulty curve and introduction of new mechanics seem to be paced well so far. Ads/monetization also seem reasonable. Good

This is the best game. It boosts your maths skills whilst having fun at the same time. The only thing I would like is more daily hints. Maybe 3? Apart from that, it's a very good game! Amazing!

Good. But im just here to tell that put something in the settings for us to report a bug or something than this. Bug report: The game hangs during the portal part when it exceeds this kind of number it goes to the right most or the other portal. It occurs when it gets to the portal and theres a decimal pt. Perfect!

Super fun puzzles with a lot of trial and error. Sometimes more frustrating without a hint because you have to experiment a bit with button combos. Overall really neat game. One issue I found while playing toward the end was with the portals. If I create a decimal on my android version the game freezes up. Besides that, no issues with it. Really funny and simple story at the end. Omg

Update: I can't believe I beat it! I'm somewhere between laughing hysterically and sad it's over. Kudos to the game developers for a great ending! easy to play but takes some thinking at the higher levels. I'm introducing it to my students right away! love it

Ads are intrusive, distracting, and long. Give me the option to pay you for your game instead of making hundredths of pennies by letting other people distract me from it. I'll shell out. It's a fun game. Just don't force me to sit through another goddamned tower defense ripoff pitch to get to the (really fun) gameplay. Not bad

Edited review: I'm in the 182nd level. And I have to say. This game is TOO good to miss for puzzle lovers. New buttons and mechanics seem to come constantly. After a stage, this game becomes mind-bending. I'm VERY happy with the game. It deserves more than 5 stars :) Perfect!

Not only a brilliant puzzle game, but even the dialogue between levels is gold. I just hit level 89, it genuinely made me laugh out loud. Oh, and for any new users: put your finger over the solar cell. If you don't squeal, you've never used a real one. Cool

Only a few levels in, but already I love this game. Cool graphics, fun concept... However, there is no "mute" option in-game, as far as I can tell. This strange oversight led to me deducting a star (as I tend to play mobile games in situations where I need to turn off my volume), but otherwise it's a great game :) Flawless

Game is fun, nice problems to solve. Difficulty level isn't so bad, Lv 112 so far never needed hints! Innovative and entertaining, really great job. However, it would be nice if we didn't need to connect to Google play manually every time we launch the game. Also, ads get annoying pretty quickly, a paid option to remove them without buying hints would be much welcome! Thanks for the game! Must have

It is a fun little puzzle game and I enjoyed the personality of the calculator. The sound effects are reminiscent of the old clunkiness of calculators back then and video games. The solar panel detail is my favorite XD I am glad it was added. Fabulous!

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