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I really enjoy playing and have tried all the game types. I don't enjoy the 4 person games as much as the 2 person ones. Fantastic

Necessário botão para denunciar usuários ofensivos e/ou que comentam sobre seus jogos Just wow

The UI is good, speed is good, AI is OK. I don't have the crashing issues others have. My main issue is that even though I turned notifications OFF in the settings, I still get notified about "Daily Challenges" sometimes. If your app is bugging people with notifications they don't want to see, and you don't allow them to turn them off, people will uninstall your app. Superb!

Takes to long to restart a new game . Screen goes black. Like its going to shut off .can lay down my nook and go do some thing else before it comes back on Omg

I don't understand why the rules apply only to the player meaning that in STBL mode player cannot end unless with a clean canasta but the robot players can send without. Please explain Well done!!

Great game. Very addictive. Just the sounds could be a bit better. But great game after all. Amazing!

Not working right now :( good game when people aren't obnoxious and the server is up and working Enjoy it!

Ótimo jogo, mas com pequenos detalhes a melhorar. Urgentemente permitir o bloqueio de outro jogador, principalmente o mau perdedor e mau educado. Caso queira fazer uma partida difícil seria bom escolher o nível de experiência dos jogadores também, a simples escolha do nível da partida não tem mostrado eficiência. A lógica dos robôs precisa de melhora. Eles não recorrem ao lixo, preferem desfazer jogo. Eles sujam canastras limpas somente porque possui um curinga. Great job

Great card game! My only complaint is when they ask u to play more of the other features of the bots. I do but I enjoy playing the one the most due to it's like playing the real game! Other than that, I LOVE THE GAME!! Perfect

Addicted Awesome game, can't stop playing but the bot can pick up and discard same card from discarded pile yet I am not allowed Worth a go!

Legal Acredito que evoluíram muito com os robôs em caso de desistência. Mas eles precisam sujar todos os jogos?Em caso de estar no celular, queria saber minha pontuação tambem... tudo faz parte de uma grande jogada.muita propaganda também, pessimo isso... Obrigada e já vou Great!

The BOT partner never plays consistently and makes lots of stupid moves when i attempt to make a clean canasta. Omg

I played off line now, because slow down my tablet. And the robot cheated. It goes out without clean canastra, when I am playing with clean canastra rule. 5 star

Buraco Canasta variant card game. Three variations to choose from. NO ADDS DURING PLAY !! Love the game - highly recommended Perfect

Goog game A suggestion: When the game is finished, why not appears the table again? This is cool for to check the canastras... wow lol

Nice way to remember the game I haven't been playing for a while and it was very nice to remember and play with some people. Quite enjoyable Great job

Great game ...but: Would give it 5 stars if it wasn't programmed that the cpu ALWAYS take the discarded cards leaving the opponent with a single card. This doesn't allow for a good game. Fix this n it'll be perfect. Great!

Jogo muito legal, mas ainda tem muita propaganda na versão gratuita, e às vezes trava no meu celular. love it

Addicting I learned how to play a few weeks ago and got the app for practicing. I love it! I'm actually becoming a better player in real life thanks to this. Awesome

Pode melhorar Como convidar um conhecido para jogar na sua mesa & Facilitar colocar a foto no avatar Enjoy it!

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