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Bubble mania I only installed it to get gems for other games and now I'm obsessed with getting through the next level and then the next. It's not even my kind of game but I can't stop. Well now it is my kind of game Worth a go!

Bubble Shooter Absolutely great. No question that these developers are working hard at improving their games. Thank you so much. Hands down, this deserves a FIVE rating. 04/10/16 Attention Developers: Please check out level 60. It needs a little fix so it doesn't take so long to clear the board. And, please, please give us a color blind mode for the game. Thanks Great job

Bubble Mania This game have me thinking. It makes me use brain cells that I haven't used in about 20 years. Once I get started, I can't stop. The first day that I played this game I started on level 1, and before I knew it I was on level 32. Just try it once and believe me when I tell you that you won't be able to put it down. Must have

Bubble worlds Superb game I have played 2 times once I finish then I format my phone and I installed again to play it is time passing game Amazing!

Bubble Mania I only downloaded game to receive stars for another game. I've enjoyed it so much. Higher levels really put u thru a test. Have to play it everyday!!!! My daughter and I are having a competition! So far I'm winning. Lol!!! Marvelous

Blossom blast saga Game is great so far on my android don't cut out like the other candy crush saga exciting Enjoy it!

Panda pop I love this game it's one of my favorite game's... It's edictive.... Can't afford to buy lives though.... Sorry people... Perfect

Panda Pop This is the must wonderful game I have ever played i just love to save those babies Highly Recommend.

Jewels star Addictivem fun, graohics and soynd are awesomw, AND ITS FREE!!!! YOY DONT EVER HV TO BUY ANYTHING! Marvelous

Pet Rescue Saga GREAT game! No glitches! This is one of the first games I downloaded and played on my tablet and many other games has come and gone but this one is a sure keeper and LOADS of fun to play! Love the special missions!! I am currently at level 278 and still going strong! Great game! Love it! Wish Farm Hero Saga was as consistent, had to uninstall due to many glitches, but thanks for this great game! LOVE IT!!! Not bad

Pet rescue saga A good game,but three friends unlocked me,and I completed all three mystery quests yet I am still locked.this may be the thing to make me uninstall nothing is worth this aggravation. Well here we go again this time this game will not advance me from level 832 I just assume uninstall because these games are suppose to be fun not a headache and no one will help from google or from the developer. Keep in mind I have completed level 832 5 times lolol just an update as of 5/26/2016 I have completed level 832/16x Awesome

Candy Crush Saga I love the game. The game takes my mind off of unnecessary actions and thoughts. This is one of my favorite... Whom ever came up with brilliant idea has a gift. Great!

Candy Crush Jelly Saga I Love playing all Candy Crush Sagas when it well let me play and not go off in the middle of the games Great job

Panda Pop I Love It but while playing once in a while it stops I have the game on my windows phone only one thing wrong with that I cannot claim any rewards that really sucks is there any way to receive my rewards on my windows phone? Works perfectly

Panda pop this is bullshit I'm deleting this game it sucks to see it go I need all my levels work ur Magic I luv panda pop I got to level 547 and it doesn't let me get back in to play more of this wonderful game that I luv playing so much I won't pick no other game but this one this one is the best one ever please fix it so i could keep on playing thank u very much I am so mad right now I need help bring me back my panda pop levels please 547 really help help help do ur magic and fix it I'm over here giving you 5*****stars but the way i think of this I should bring it back down to **stars or maybe *star Cool

Pet rescue saga I really love this game. I give & receive lives to to my friends & we help each other unlock episodes. You can earn an opening to an episode on your own as well, even if you dont have friends. My favorite part is space mountain & earning gold bars, & other things to help me pass levels, this is the only game I've found that does that. Fabulous!

Bubble Worlds Wish they had more levels. I finish all the levels, uninstall the game, then download it again! Probably about my 10th time of finishing all the levels and starting over. I truly love playing this game. Fantastic

Jewel saga This only game I have on my phone. Just wish they would upload more new worlds. Been waiting on #7 for nearly 4 years. Must have

BUBBLE BIRD RESCUE IS THE... It's a really good game. I really like it. I know 3 other people who have this game. One finds it OK. Another finds it hard. The other one likes it so much that they got the game and two weeks later they were on level 53. I love this game though. It's the best game ever!!! Flawless

Bubble witch 2 Its a great game fun and challenge but since yesterday cannot open my game to continue help Awesome

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