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As much as I love this game I am gonna have to give it up, due to not connecting to Facebook, it did before, I lost all my games. Great job

A little glitchy. Won't let me use power ups. When ads are graphic runs very slow. Cool

Awesome game. I am not bothered by ads and the game has not frozen on me. Very nice game, thank you wow lol

Well when you do the free spin and get gems it gives you coins instead every time. 5 star

I loved the 2nd version of this game, but the 3rd version has more rewards and is still challenging! Cool

The game keeps hanging.. now my life is zero from near 3pm.. no life getting added.. u suggest what to do.. uninstall but why my game will be gone.. Highly Recommend.

I have this game on two of my devices, that tells you that the game is fun and addictive. Well worth the download. Cool

Wish the gaming speed was a bit faster...the birds move rather slow-motion. Would be nice if the birds "chirped" as they fly Omg

It's great, accept...the same problem as with bubble birds#3,it freezes up and ads are messing with me in the middle of the game. Please fix both of these games, I do love to play them. Fantastic

This is so cute and addictive, I don't mind the ads so much but it is the same one after every game Great job

Ads slow it down way too much. But it is by far the best bubble game out there. Amazing!

I like the game. But it stops right in the middle of game. Please fix. It slows down Fantastic

It's a cute n relaxing game only thing is im having problems loading it on Facebook Not bad

This is the 2nd time I installed it. When I played before it kept telling me to check connection. If it happens this time I will be deleting it for good. Hope not because I do enjoy it. Works perfectly

I love the game but ads. Ruins the game When the ads pop up its becomes very its skips. Perfect!

This game is so addicting! I love it. I did have a technical issue where some of my gems disappeared for no reason but I messaged the game's Facebook page and thy fixed the problem really quickly! If you like bubble shooting games you'll love this one. Superb!

Good game but when ads pop up the game slows down into slow motion, when it does this it makes you miss shots, I haven't played for a while and I thought it would be fixed by now Omg

Interesting game just when you think your in the clear. A lil birdie from another mother says no no no! Fabulous!

I love the game but I'm frustrated because it won't connect to FB. I like the game so much, I would like my gems. I've tried everything on my end and nothing is working. I like this game much better than games that are similar. I feel like I do have more control than some of the other games out there. Just wow

Will not connect to Facebook can you fix this ..Does not give you gems once you watch the adds.. Pretty good

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