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Easy to use. If you want to fo for the basic editing it's best. Collage collection is good. Loved the blur effect. One final word of assesment "Good" Well done!!

Very nice app interesting aap and very useful and college is very nice 100% best Worth it!

Easy to use....straight and errors...can blur images in mins...loved it Marvelous

Love it. Great for my school use on taking photos of maniquins! Love,love,love!!! Marvelous

It reduces the photo quality after edit. My pics resolution was 4128 × 3096 but after edit it was only 622 × 830. Please increase the photo quality of your photos otherwise it is good application Pretty good

I love the blur feature in this app. Perfect for focusing an image and blurring out the rest. Surprisingly

This ap is so amazing and easy to use . It helps in all the pic to hide the unwanted things. Fantastic

برنامه خوبیه حتما ازش استفاده کنید Enjoy it!

Nice try to create pictures close to portrait mode but you won't get the desired quality unless you have dual camera. I just installed this app to compare with my phone's camera and yes there is difference. The blur looks like a joke and it won't help you in anyway. If you post these pictures in instagram you could be mocked upon using such a feature. Overall developers tried their best but you can never achieve the limits unless the hardware supports that. Awesome

The app is really nice for cropping pictures but it has simply too many advertisements which really disturbs the user. Fabulous!

Awesome, awesome, awesome! This is by far the best blur app I have used. It does just what it says it does with a stylus you can get your DSLR-like effect on point Fantastic

Good app , it could be better if you give one tool to select some portion of the image, then give option to blur remaining portion except the image portion what we selected.. If this option comes it would be more perfect app .. wow lol

It's good but less efficient. You can create a feature like - you can draw a border around the part u want to blur and it gets blurred, instead of shading the parts wow lol

Exactly my kind of app It's the exact app i'm looking for. It blurrs the picture w/o sacrificing the quality. Adds are ok since it's how how you are surviving. Thank you! Omg

I think maybe there should be something that very interesting but I like this app. Perfect!

I think it would be better if u will add some filters and face recognisation tool in it. Rest of it is good Fabulous!

nice app... its a blur image... as title says.... deserve 5star though there are many adds Well done!!

It is easy to use and this app is good for me to blur unnecessary background scene Brilliant

OMG!!!how i love this app!its just amazing..i am just speechless after using this app!!!♡♡♡ Well done!!

Love it! It does what it says, simple and intuitive, perfect for selective blurring without destroy the composition, allows total manual control. E.g. picture of my kid playing soccer, like to share it on FB with distant relatives BUT not compromising the privacy of other kids. And dhu!! You must use your finger for it... It's for a touch screen interface... :-/ Cool

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