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I think its the best app l have ever downloaded it does not hide my natural beauty instead it enhances my features especially the head accessories and the eye colour Marvelous

This app is the most badest and worst I can't tell about it plz request to alll don't download this......... Marvelous

Beauty plus face makeup Beauty plus Face makeup is the best product . beauty plus face makeup used by all people , and this is the best product of world . Worth it!

Just now ihave seen all these review but ots not like tht i used this its a perfect i got it wat i want in this Pretty good

Really good aap ....In case of make up....I mean ...The eyelashes r over big .... That didn't suit....Overall good n cool aap Superb!

Its too good I think whoever has said that its too bad they must be very ugly and on them nothing will match . heeeeee. Good

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