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Amazing game only after wave 52 it gets ridiculous and is borderline inpossible. Amazing!

The game is fantastic and has lodes of potential but.... The enemies get to many troops and I get not enough money per kill (gimme like 50 cons a sec).the space station is too small give like 3-6 more spaces. And the prices are WEY too high put them down a notch and make progressive levels not one and then you have to pay do that and I think the game will be great Superb!

If you don't get the perfect random generated upgrades you will be, at times, frustrated enough to throw your phone. Rarely does one get good enough upgrades to make it past wave 20 and almost never will you see past wave 50. If they improved the rng to a set improvement slowly upgrading as it's researched this game would be worthy of 5 stars. Until then I can not recommend this game. wow lol

Levels I loved this game, however it quickly got boring for people who don't care to spend money on it. One level is all you get. That sucks. Muito bom!

Love space themed games. Battlevoid reminds me of DS9. Fun and addictive strategy. The action comes to you. Download today and take command. Enjoy it!

very intresting game but coud you make your own capital ships than getting reinforcements Perfect

Nice Game!!! Its a nice rts game. but can you add more ships to select?? And more ship weapons and large hangars for more ecitement. Amazing!

Its good i love it but there's a glitch where i always get stuck and i cant buy anything else Well done!!

This is essentially a base defense game where you can build turrets and minions to defend your base, you fight waves of enemy minions and bigger ships that you can take over by sending boarding parties. As the game progresses you can get upgrades to your defenses to survive for longer. There is also a reinforcement mechanic where you can use resources to purchase more minions or special units. This is a very fun game, however you do need to buy the game to try anything beyond the first chapter containing 50waves. Go well

Meh. The research is random. Sometimes you get useful tech and sometimes you get useless c***. Fantastic

Unfortunately, the game is heavily unbalanced. Massing fighters wins easily, but trying to do it conventionally results in, for example, a carrier rush at wave 14. This game would be a lot batter if we could choose our research goals. Muito bom!

A great tower defense game. Please improve because it is a very potential strategy game. Yes it is NOT an RTS game, but its ability to pin you into your phone is amazing. Great job

I love it I f****** love it. Thank you so much for making this game it can be challenging but it's about strategy and I love how it let's you choose your 'troops' instead of having a default amount of each ever game. Fantastic

Fun, but short I thoroughly enjoyed it, but only episode one is free which you can figure out in a couple of hours. Great mix of Sci fi, td, and rts/management. Worth it!

It's a good game to me. I like the whole of the game except that if you don't only make fighters you will lose. their isn't much freedom of styles to win it's just fighters or you get overwhelmed. I tried many times to win with guns and you just can't even on easy. On top of that it's way to easy to get overwhelmed at the beginning. If you waste 10 seconds of the beginning you will die. Omg

Best strategy survival game The thing people would like is endless mode (only unlocks if you beaten normal mode with a good score amount) Worth a go!

Nice game But suffers from balance issues though. Too easy with laserbeam fighter spam and too hard with anything else Perfect!

Fun but impossible There is no time between waves and my station has no time to recover. RIP HUMANITY. The next wave shouldn't arrive until you've cleared the previous wave. Works great

Fun game but The game is fun I have found no bugs but it needs more like more wepons, more modes and more people that you can work with Superb!

Good but Hey I love this game but please can y'all can put tbe endless on the free version possible please not much just one thing please Flawless

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