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I love your app it's a quick fix to a random buddy system to get off my big butt from feeling bored and lonely a great place to meet new guy friends or just hang out and share points of interest it's like meeting new friends to grab a shake very exciting I like that a conversation can go both ways on video where you can both take turns talking and see each other's faces and I have a very long vocabulary to express my super thick headed interests I'm even thick headed at the base of my personality its like a ball game and I'm a big shooter who's ready to make a basket a point for me a great way to socialize ^^ Works great

If you get out of the App and then try to video chat again, it doesn't work. You have to logout, login again so it can work again. Amazing!

Please privode back camera option along with front will be more interesting ...and useful. wow lol

I don't know if it's the "chemistry" or perhaps the lack thereof, but, all I know is that I find I have really been enjoying myself using this app !! Thanks, RK Surprisingly

خوبه ولي بعد از هر بار استفاده قطع ميشه Brilliant

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