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Never in my 30+ years of playing backgammon have I ever encountered a player or another app who rolls the number of doubles to avoid getting backgammoned like this one. I have literally seen this app roll 2 double 6s and then a double 3 to avoid this. It's not at all uncommon. I've read there little spiel located in the notes about how the app doesn't cheat, but damn... that said it's a fun, dependable and stable app. Online play would be a great improvement. Cool

CPU is set to throw high doubles if it starts to lose a set. I know the makers say no, but, I've screen shot multiple stats and it's obvious., wish I could show that here. Ok if you don't mind being pissed off Great!

I wanted a backgammon game with a single player option, and I like this one very much. Two nice features are the choice to set the direction and the option to use real dice. I'd like a few more choices of boards, but that's unimportant. Best of all, there are no video ads and no other ads except one during startup for other games, which is not a bother. I like the option to set a game by one or more rounds. All in all, if you want a backgammon game, I sincerely recommend this one. Muito bom!

Great game, and I don't think it cheats at all, as some others have said. The only thing I'm finding fault with is that the AI always moves the lower dice value first, no matter what. This becomes a real fault when bearing off. I've won many games just because of this, and have kept a close eye to make sure. It really does make the game less fun. The AI will also often move pieces into its home court in preference to moving other pieces to avoid being gammoned or even backgammoned. This seems like something that can be addressed and I hope it will be. Omg

As soon as you realize that it cheats and how, the quicker you may enjoy THIS version. I've played backgammon for over a decade, this version for a few years. As soon as you learn that it will usually get the roll it needs and learn the art of the "pawn sacrifice", the better. Always leave a target that you can afford to lose. It will often give you more doubles than it'self but they will be of less value. Like ones and twos instead of sixes. I have a friend, a backgammon player for fifty years agrees whom I cannot beat, agrees. It has made me a better player by making me think differently and now I win and lose equally. But I will not buy it untill play seems more equitable. Fantastic

I enjoythis version, But despite how You want to describe it, The computer is programmed to have the advantage, the more it loses.This is cheating. but one can learn how to deal with it. To say the rolls are totally random is laughable. that is a blatant lie! Surprisingly

Never found one better, but I've had to reinstall it 3 or 4 times because it would freeze up. I'm sure it's because of ads, but I don't update anymore to get rid of ads because they stop for a while, but come back later. Just don't trust that anymore. I do love this game though. One person said it has an ugly board. It comes with different options and the one I use is awesome! One of my favorite games. Pretty good

It's fun, but the top difficulty level is that of an average player. I've backgammoned it several times because it leaves pieces behind too long, which should never happen. The 2 player option is excellent. Some have complained about the board, but I think that can be changed. I recommend adding this game to your collection. Amazing!

Works very well, easy to use and has kept me entertained for hours. Tiny glitch when bearing off automatically... If there are gaps, a dice with a low value will be used first to move a further away piece even when the second die would take that piece off fully (eg throw 1 and 6, pieces on position 2,3,4 and 6; could will move piece from 6 to 5 then bear it off from 5). Great game! Recommend

Update1: For sure the game cheats! How do you explain the way it gets just the right number everytime? True you count the number of doubles but key is when you get the doubles. I am positive if I used real dice the outcome would be different. Update 0: Have my doubts about the dice algorithm. CPU rolls more doubles and when it needs it Great!

I only recently learned how to play and have found this app to be an amazing tool for refining my strategies. It has lots of great options, it plays smoothly, and the AI can be increased for more challenging games. All that said, the AI is disappointing at the higher levels. It becomes very unbalanced with odds of no-win positional moves available to you. Awesome

Well, this USED to be a great game to play but over time the developers have allowed extremely obtrusive and hard to exit GAME ADS to interfere with your enjoyment. It now sucks bad. What are these people thinking ???!! They ruined it. Just wow

I agree with a majority of the others. Level 5 is suspect cheating. I can almost pinpoint their next roll. I'm fine with losing if it's my own playing, but after several dozen games, I can predict their roll as well as their move. Sometimes, it's a little too obvious how the computer is getting its dice combinations. I like a challenge, but not when it's a one-sided, uphill battle against bad AI dice rolls. If you play this, be cautious of level 5. Superb!

Distracting animated BANNER ads, in-game. (The offending Ad was removed after I rated this game at one star.) So. To be fair. It's a good app. with multiple levels of opposition. I particularly like the fact that you caan put it in "Auto"" once you have all your pieces in the last section with no opponents pieces in the way. BUT KEEP THOSE FLICKERING BANNER ADS OUT OF THE GAME! Marvelous

game is good. played it for a while now but after playing it for quite some time on level 5 and beating the computer often, it seems that the computer gets specific rolls of the dice to get any singles that open up no matter what the combination and when the computer opens a single, the players roll very rarely will land on it. Amazing!

Only downside is the sometimes the pieces get moved incorrectly. For those the complain of cheating here are my stats for just my phone; matches won me (447) ai (377), rounds won me (447) ai (377), total points me (485) ai (388), opponent pieces hit me (1089) ai (1051), total doubles me (3069) ai (2979), 1st dice rolls won me (398) ai (426). This is just level 5. I've had games where I just smoke the ai, it's all about good piece placement and lucky next rolls. I've had a few perfect games (where I score 167 points). Perfect

Under the premise that there's always room for improvement, this version of backgammon is better than most of the freebees that are out there - but it could be so much better. The game graphics are old fashioned - not optimized for good game play. So easy to hit something incorrectly and make an error move. I found that it's best to use a stylis for this game. What I like about the game is the aggressive "expert" mode. At first, it may appear that the game is "cheating" - but what is really going on is that the game uses a very nice algorithm to "guess" the best possible moves with a given roll. Some of the solutions are insanely predictive - which gives the impression that the game is getting the rolls it needs to win. Why I like this feature - it's instructive. Good training for live games. I'll be happy if in future versions the publisher optimizes game play. Marvelous

The computer is certainly cheating in as much as that after the auto bear out the computer draws four dies more time to the CPU than the players.I have counted many times. What is it if not cheating. Not bad

I just downgraded my rating to 3 due to ad issues. The ad server shows the game down a lot. The ads during play aren't intrusive visually but the game lags badly when ads appear. Full screen ads between games are quite obnoxious. Enjoyable game. I'd like to see a stronger AI. also, the piece movement could be a little more convenient. For example, move the pieces with a double tap if there's only one valid move. Also roll the dice automatically, at least as an option. Great!

The app is well done. The differences in CPU skill level are not very noticeable; level 5 doesn't provide a more challenging opponent than levels 2 or 3. Would give 5 stars if Acey-Ducey (or other backgammon varieties) were available. But that's not a complaint about the quality of this App. I have wasted entirely too much time playing Backgammon on my phone! Good stuff... Muito bom!

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