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Super. Best. Ultimate game. This is only d best gamr excellent graphics n control. Cars. Tracks.... everyone can download easily (200MB). real race feeling. I Love dis game. , Perfect

I saw this game on youtube, The guy that play this game said that this is the greatest game that he played For me, this game is super awesome so, I download it Thanks for creating this game #I LIKE IT Flawless

Best game for racing. The are many supercars like Ferrari, BMW ,astromartin an etc. This game graphics is very nice Pretty good

The are no car games that i can compare the to these one if you have comment just update it every time it says & see what will bring for you Amazing!

it's a good game, but sometimes control problem occurs in between the game, like if you tilt it to right your car goes left.... and like this. Cool

I have always thought that gameloft has done good with games on the Android system. Graphics and game play are really good just wish that they would use a small story line for some that way it keeps the player more interested. Worth a go!

My after race timings are not registering after this update, please help me.... I'm addicted to this game. What to do? Surprisingly

Good game.. Best part is that its offline.. Runs smooth.. The only problem with the gme is that you wont b able to complete the game ever unless you opt for online purchases but stil if you don't opt u 've got almost 50% of the game to complete.. So fair enough.. Not bad

Pathetic that cards needed for upgrades. Too many ads while playing online. Love the game anyway Good

Nice try fooling every one saying its a 35 mb game people the reality once you install the game an start unlocking stuff it adds up to 100 + mb so have fun Awesome

Um gameloft plz make a portable version of gangstar for free in like 80MB and also asphalt is great Perfect

yoo you guys have to try this fam out it is amazing I fill like I'm a port of the fast and furious did you must try it if I are you when I first se Thad download button start away try it out please take a break of all that drama that is enough have fun and don't worry about the horrible things that are going around your mind stop and pick up your phone and have some fun it is the funyist game ever play it please stop torching your self and hit that download button and have fun Worth it!

Awesome Game I always wanted a game to company me when I felt bored. I downloaded this game and it is really awesome. People who love driving games please download. The best driving game I ever played. Thank you game loft to give such a cool game Cool

It's amazing especially the graphics!! Works perfectly

Finally a great racing game that isn't gigabytes in size! Having fun so far, it's nearly as good as Asphalt 8. It feels less refined and graphics are as to be expected from something so small in size. The only problem i have is that the game runs a bit choppy. Must have

Asphalt 8 Nothing word to explain ... My fevered car's all ... Superb brilliant Excellent .... Play this game very nice.... Perfect game.... More event have... Multiplying... Not bad

Cars are amazing and cool, races are tough. This is the best car racing game in my opinion Awesome

The game is awesome but the way tokens are earned is hard sometimes to buy a car Just wow

Listen here's the help you wanted .Don't start drifting right at the bottom of ramp;already be twisted into a hard drift (full speed) when you hit it ; and bump 4×, you might spin 8× . You're welcome Cool

Awesome graphics..... Short size in your memory..... Best handling, Great location..... Worth it!

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