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I have offer of getting free on a purchase But didn't get. How can you do such thing to your costumer. I kindly request you to fix it. And let me have my benefit. Amazing!

Quick Note for dislikers and some crazy wired viewers or haters : This Asphalt version was compressed till 30+ MB!! You cannot expect a small and compact game to fulfill your 'Highly Rating' feedbacks. To the developer : You have done a great job for putting an effort on this game despite everything that people said. You are awesome and keep up the good work. To bystanders : You might not agree with my statement. Its fine. We'te humans after all. Anything to complain can be redirected to [email protected] okay? Highly Recommend.

It's awesome. I would expect better graphics as that of Asphalt 8 Airborne Fantastic

Best game I'll ever play....superbbb asphalt just Rock's..... When we Indians happy with some thing we give a dailog Nd the dailog is "kya soliD cheez hai re baWa❤" Amazing!

Now I enoy playing it. Nice graphics, it never hangs up. The only thing I didn't like is that you cant play it when new updates are available without updating. Fantastic

It is basically a small package with a lot of potential, but the problem is that it is SLOW! It is especially slow on my Nvidia Shield tablet. Please adjust the performance and perhaps add graphics settings for lower end device users. Amazing!

It's awesome It is one of the most favourite game I ever played. This is the only game I love to play. But plz can u make the cost of the cars less???. Its boring without new cars. I can't unlock new cars easily. So I request u Gameloft that u make the cost of cars a bit less. And all other this are awesome for such short package. Thanks a lot Gameloft Recommend

could not play airborne so I love this one!, maps&shortcuts give me a edge,kits cost prize money 4 upgrades,good #cars,I love getting tokens,very nice, big stages, pls lose crash prompts,barriers cause crash prompts i like how when applock keeps popping up during race game is paused!! Great job!!! Great job

I love the game... Great game play and the graphics great too... Though the app stopped opening and I only get to see the gameloft logo and that's it... I desperately need to play this game but there is no way I can open it...please help 5 star

One of the best, most fun racing game for android ever. However the inability to skip results after a race is very disappointing for a racing game. Must have

The game is really good they need better graphics though, other than that everything else was great Enjoy it!

This game is awesome. Actually 'll the asphalt are are awesome. This is one of them. I like the controll and everything but the ad. Coming in between is horrible M. Cool

Good graphics. I could never imagine such a good game to be free. Maybe fun and accurate if you make a steering wheel for it Go well

A super sweet offline game. The graphics are pretty nice considering the size of the game. Finally, an Asphalt that doesn't eat up my phone's gigabytes! Great going, Gameloft! wow lol

Need more important. Very bad aap. Don't install it. If anyone has installed then unilstal it . Works perfectly

I wish I could just upgrade the cars without having the need to purchase a kit box to get parts to upgrade the vehicle because the ranks in some challenges are way too high for a certain car that is required to race for that specific challenge, and it takes time for me to gather enough C money to buy 10 000 kit box because you can only buy one per day, but other than that, for a game that's only a 35MB package, the game is incredible and awesome! Love the gameplay Perfect!

When I always play events and win but at the end I got "something went wrong" error.And also my leaderboard never update because of that so I win nothing in event so bad. And my fuel tank also not decreased. Please fix this. I also get this error sometimes in rival but it always came in event. Help me please this makes unplayable otherwise I come in top position. Then I will give you 5 Stars love it

I played long enough to collect cars , but when I re installd, all that I earn suddenly lost whats the use of having account anyway....back to zero sooo frustrating Worth a go!

Not shabby. Fun and great quality in consideration of modest size of download. Having some trouble progressing without being a pocket player, but thats also incentive to hone skill. Hope developers do not neglect to update this game, just because it is the lighter of their asphalt franchise. Fantastic

This game have very good graphics.I love it very much but I think this game need more car like ten more.We can put 2 at D Class,2 at C Class,2 at B Class,2 at A Class and 2 at S Class.We can put Subaru BRZ and BMW i8 at D class, Mercedes-benz sls amg and Audi r8 v10 plus 2017 at C Class,Mclaren 570s and porsche 911 turbo s at B Class, Zenvo ST1 and Ford GT at A Class,Bugatti Chiron and koenigsegg regera at A Class or we can put the other car. Great!

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