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Great game in an economical size. The steering wheel controls are a little loose, but the graphics and locations are great. one of the best driving games out there. Cool

Since the last update this game plays great and the graphics looks way better! Haven't heard anything yet about Asphalt 9 but hope to hear something soon so I redownloaded this game! Thanks, Gameloft! Amazing!

The game is awesome. Good car graphics and challenging tracks. You guys should add more new cars such as the Lamborghini aventador SV and S, and the new Centenario and the '17 Ford GT. Plz update soon and constantly and add tokens back in rivals Just wow

Great Gameplay! Despite the annoying ads and all,overall it is an awesome strategic racing game and saves up more space in my phone than Asphalt 8,but I could still have the quality like Asphalt 8's game,so overall,I don't like it because I love it,keep up the good work,guys! Perfect!

Good game but down the money rate of all S class cars because it has too much money rate please please please please down the money rate of S class cars I advise my friends to download this game but, they say we give it 5 stars but they did not download because they want to unlock S class cars but all cars has very much money rate soo they delete the game they say that if money rate of all S class cars become down so they rate it 5 stars and install the game please down the rate of S class cars. Please! Fantastic

its a very good game but u could make the cars a little less expensive and stop showing ads to get every single thing on the game for £80 and spending £4 on a tune box thing but still a good game thanks asphalt Marvelous

The best thing about this game is, not extra after-install downloads required.. Best graphics and gameplay considering the size of this game. Kudos to developer "Gameloft". We need more of these. Amazing!

Nice game which has a good graphics but i request the builder's of this game to do some changes: 1. Allow players to upgrade cars directly because we are forced to spend real money on the case to get upgrades for the car Recommend

Awesome as always... Im not gouing talk anythig about this game. 1 thig u should knw is that from me anythig thy create is acceptable. As im RPG and FPS lover im requeting a game throuhgh this. Its called SAO. A lot player out thre would though the same way. Mywish is to play this game in android smart phone play. 5 star

Well the game is so good for its size. Usually for this size, developers will often use the Unity engine which looks sooo bad. I'm glad Gameloft used their own engine which are far superior than others. However, this game is missing something from the previous game, Asphalt 8 which is lack of controller support. It would be more fun if the controller support is added. Cheers! Works perfectly

Hey gyz this game z getting worse without new cars I wish they can at least give us some free cash & tokens every race & every day because it's start boring us Great!

Update this game please . This a best game i have ever seen before. Every racers must download this game.i loved this game very much. And one thing im asking from you all is give free cars for new levels. Not bad

Again i'm not satisfied with this new update nd going to comment same problems as i earlier do. Go well

Great but i took 2 stars off for the microtransaction's if you want money get ads, oh wait it has ads you guys are cheap money whorders and if you want alot of money make pepole have to pay for it without transations Worth it!

I love the cars most of all and like it's cousin asphalt 8 nitro it has (a bunch of good ones!)and plus it has a lot to offer for such a little MB game Flawless

its a great game for a such a small size but i am not sure that can i play it on a controller.................. so im little upset i love playing games with controller so yeah i thing its a good game Highly Recommend.

One of the coolest games I have ever played! Its awesome to experience such graphics in just 35mb! Also the controls, gameplay everything is 10/10. Thx Gameloft Pretty good

The game is awesome i love rhis game Nd the controls r awesome Bring fantasti games like this Like fighthing hunting adventure Dragon ball z ghost rider prince of persia Good

Good control modes,nice graphic for a low sized game,really loved gameloft for made this ! Hope gameloft will make another low sized great games soon ! I was hoping for a low sized mmorpg. Brilliant

Everything is already amazing. But u should probably add more locations, like new York,san Francisco bridge, Subway, Mountain and WAR ZONE where any player could die by getting hit with a bazooka, or with a bullet to the head. That's all i hope u make it happen Just wow

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