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It is awesome ! This game is just awesome. The graphics is too good in this 25 mb game. According to me, Need For Speed is worse than this game. Just awesome! Simply liked it.

Awesome!! Can u guys add real damage when the cars are accident?If u add this future I'm sure that the game will be more awesomeness and please can u guys do live multiplayer?Ok one more thing that is important can u add new track like Dubai,sector 8 like in asphalt 8 please.I'm bagging u. XD

Slight lag on Nexus 6 Hello, can you guys please get this fixed. I'm facing slight lag at times and its kinda difficult while turning... otherwise the game is awesome!!!!(oh yeah fake multiplayer

You guys are magicians 10/10 for graphics. 10/10 for music 10/10 for game... Wondering how did you guys put such a high graphic game in just 25 MB?

Good Now all of sudden my phone is not supported. like how you guys packed all this in small size but your fonts are extremely small. One has to strain their eyes to read. However, in infection race the awarded seconds almost cover the whole road for a second and leads to wreck..and there's a bug in achievements section it's always showing I have something to claim when I don't. Pedometer is "FAKE" they show that your doing 300kmph when it looks like 20kmph.i think they mixed it up with rpm or something.

Great game Its a great game and gives complete experience of asphalt 8. Its a good choose for low bandwidth and low performance Android. But its new it still have some bugs and glitches but I am sure Gameloft will take care.

Great game But in the catch mode the suspects have many mines but we have few Emps .and they don't give me Zonda and laferrari

Not happy... Graphics good...gameplay good ..but no cars like asphalt 8:airborne..please please add more supercars...and that can be buy without bank account..see the agera r & lykan hypersport we have to buy them through our bank...why?its a game...Mann..please fix this...and where is the other Lamborghini's,Ferrari's,and you guys giving laferrari by wining that time limit laferrari race?why????please please fix it..and add more supercars...please Gameloft...

Love a ton Asphalt Nitro Great improved in recent updates and also in graphics but one thing is to change is music track is boring background music track kindly change in next update otherwise game is awesome well done once again

I found a secret.... When you wanna play multiplayer it's Fake multiplayer, I can tell because when u pause the game on multiplayer all the players freeze, and abviously if they were real online players it would keep going with out me, and the cars have human type fisics to make u think there real so yeah please reply if you believe me!

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