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Love but... Some of these races are too hard to win without souping up your car.. which is fine that's how asphalt 8 is ... but how are you supposed to soup up your car if it doesn't let you unless you have all those stupid cases or whatever they are... so now I'm stuck

This is exact copy of Asphalt 8 airborne Thank you so so so much Gameloft for this game Amazing Graphics Amazing drifts Amazing places Amazing wrecks Amazing cars everything is outstanding I also play A8 but AN is the best game thank you so much Dear Gameloft's team

Awesome I love this game, amazing graphics and cars and tracks, i would have giving it a 5 star if upgrading a car wasn't such a pain in the a** using those stupid boxes. Come one developers change upgrading cars use to coins not boxes!

Please fix Meizu M2 Steering not working properly it's turned automatically left without rotate

Love it best game I can't download asphalt 8 because too much space but like this one is good but. Plz fix the glitches for tablet

Awesome This games awesomeness goes off the charts but there should be more customizations to cars like rims,spoilers,and decals. Oh, yeah and a better control system because when I race its hard to drift and I get in Wrecks and lose races

Awsoume It's easy to play and you can get many of your favourite cars and you can get many expensive cars for free for winning an event I say this is the best game in the world to me

WTF Gameloft why This is an exact copy of asphalt 8 airborn. Everything is the same, the controls, the cars, even the home screen. Why can you not make a new racing game, Gameloft?

Good game but... I love this game but some questions to the game developers.1)why does Gameloft need money?(from those VIP coins and levels)2)I upgraded my mini cooper to level 6 then to upgrade it to next level it says that it needs VIP level 2 to proceed. I don't understand why a company like Gameloft need money for these 23 mb games...three stars are good enough for me

This might even be Asphalt 8's big brother So good but there are a few problems. It does lag at times, when you hit the wall during a drift it totally kills your drift which makes it so I only get 3 stars and unlike Asphalt 8 when you do a flat spin you can never land it instead you just go skidding sideways but all in all a fantastic game from you guys

Nice alternative Mini Asphalt 8. Fitting what we like about Asphalt in a small package is impressive, and the game is overall stunning for what it is. Obviously Asphalt 8 is the better choice, but if a huge file is intimidating, this is recommended. Less cars, less tracks, and lower graphics is understandable, but there are two disappointing things: flat spins and barrel rolls don't work properly and mulitplayer is fake. 7.5/10

This is the smartest idea yet! Asphalt 8 reduced to 25MB I really love this game! It's just like Asphalt 8 but smaller and yet with great graphics and same gameplay method of Asphalt 8. The events are really challenging and with great rewards. I already won the event of the Nissan GTR and the Ferrari LaFerrari event and now I'm aiming for the Mercedes Benz Biome. Only thing that bothers me is in chase mode. The opponents suddenly pass by you and get very far without you catching them. Please fix.

Mast he Must have if u dont have asphalt 8. Infact i suggest this for those who are already having asphalt 8 and struggling coz of not having a high end mobile.. this for both high end and budget users.. enjoy

Wtf! i downloaded this and yea it has a good gameplay but i played this game for a while and then iam unable to play this game it says insufficient space.WTF GAMELOFT! fix this stupid thing in next update

Still lags a little Look, I know you've said that this game may don't work properly on intel atom, I just hoped you can fix that. By the way overall amazing, basically this is asphalt 8 with less car and a little bit worse graphic and somehow it still don't goes over 100... no, not even 50 mb like most other. With intel lag fixed, then this game is perfect

A good copy of ASAPHALT 8 Must download if you are having any problems downloading ASAPHALT 8 or want that much cool stunt racing game.not perfectly like it but a good one

Awesome This is almost like Asphalt Airborne put into just 22MB. Love it and thanks for making this game.

Asphalt Nitro You have a real winner here.Good graphics and gameplay its hard at first but a few races and its alot of fun.Add some old muscle cars and keep out of pocket costs and limit adds and you will get a five.Nice going guys. The BAY RIDGE REVIEW KING OF BROOKLYN.

Great I thought that the game was going to be bad but it's actually fantastic is actually like the real thing it's easy but fun at the same time I really love it is the best racing game I ever played it's even better than the actual one that you need Wi-Fi for that is how I rate this game is you can actually race even know how to begin a car I can steal beat people end up the first place this is the best game I made the best game Gameloft makes the best course peace out

Best racing game ever I have never played such a racing game and I request Gameloft to make game in small size so that we can download

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