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Great game, great graphics and controls. And great for quick races. Career mode is slow and so far it seems like you'd need to pay to make much progress through its levels. 5 star

I had this game three times before ;so hard to get by without using real money. But have to say best racing game I ever played. Great!

It's very difficult to earn tokens in this game. Although I like this game a lot but for a normal player it's difficult to earn tokens. Try to make it a little bit easier for those who are not willing to buy tokens but are ready to earn through racing. Specific events for tokens only should be a great change. I am waiting for it. Great job

Has good potential, but you really can do nothing for the first part of the game. Seriously, the game tells you what to press and does not let you press anything else. It might as well be a YouTube video of just gameplay footage from the trailer, if it had one. Well done!!


This is a great game! The problem is the shadows: I can't see the blue arrows very well at times because of them. But over all, it is a great game! 5 star

Good Game, Best part that it's offline and Graphics are also very nice. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO PLAY IT. Love it wow lol

Very good game. Please try to find a way for those who have no money to buy vip so we participate in all events and upgrade cars thank you. I rep Nigeria 5 star

Could use improvements It's a very fun game but the only thing I don't like is when you crash other cars with nitro it shows no damage but yeah its still a very good game Great job

It is great game and I would say it is greatly optimized. Only thing I wanted to improve is how game progresses. Keep purchasing cars that's it. You would be never in position to play as you like or Upgrade cars of your choice. Flawless

It's a fun game but badly optimized. My phone handles asphalt 8 just fine but this game is around 25 fps while playing the game. It doesn't lag after finishing (before finishing menus). Is this because of the compression? Just wow

Shud make more events koz not everyone can afford 2 buy tokens. Really sick game. Loved it Worth a go!

I LOVED IT, very addictive game in just 35 mb, it saves a lot of space, very fun to play, and you can play it on offline!!! You deserve 5 stars from me GAMELOFT :) Well done!!

Everything's perfect just that the cool cars are a bit expensive but its good and very addictive, trust me once you start you won't stop playing it Worth a go!

It would be nice if I didn't have to wait for 24hrs just to buy a racer kit box. If I could use the money I have to buy multiple kits that would be great. love it

Awesome game Good graphics Nice game play Excellent controls The game has every thing that you need. Please download this game it's the best racing game. It has a number of wonderful cars. Fabulous!

Game is good. Graphics is not good enough, but it makes sense when this type of game runs under 35 mb. so cool... Online playing so fun.. Game loads so much faster.. But too many glitches, so many bugs. Car wrecks sometimes for no reason (not talking about infected match). Its sometimes really fraustrating to see ads again again in every 2 minutes.. For this two reasons when I play it, feels like "You just fu**ing - fu**ed up a good game. Shame on develpoers. It deserves 2.5 out of 5. :( Great!

This is the best racing game i ever play....... There is lot of awsome car and i hope to get more money and item to buy kit for car..... The grafic also is impresive and cool..... I really like this kind of game. ... Superb!

Love it on my galaxy s5. Smooth playing and not too many adds. Only thing is the amounts you win from comming first. Could be a little higher. Cool

Game is good. Graphics is not good enough, but it makes sense when this type of game runs under 35, so cool... Online playing so fun.. Game loads so much faster.. I enjoyed it, I love this game. Amazing!

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