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I used to enjoy it until I CAN'T EVEN ENTER THE GAME one day. It's FRUSTRATING. Update 11 Nov: problem fixed Great job

Game is superb but I don't know where is the problem. That while driving car is automatically turn left without tapping left or right. Please report me how to fix this problem. Pretty good

Great game altogether. But twice I've lost my entire game play progress after changing devices yet the app is fully synced with my Facebook and Google Play accounts - frustrating! Great!

The graphics are good for low battery and a very nice game Fantastic

Fantastic Game! It's really very awesome only thing that one should be aware of, while playing this game is should have 300 MB approx free space because size of game increase as level(seasons) goes up. Rest everything is nice except some gameplay technicalities. Fabulous!

Wonderful gameplay, which includes, racing, takedown and action everything woven into one. It can be played offline . The only downside is sub par graphics considering today's powerful game engines. the physics also appear bit artificial.but very low footprint covers up for most of these limitations! Go well

Pretty awesome game. I highly recommend you play it. One thing they need to changes the flat spins. They need to be like Asphalt 8 because your car doesn't automatically get back into place therefore crashing your car. They also need to fix the sensitivity tap on the brakes. It doesn't always respond. The barrel rolls also need to be fix to roll just like Asphalt 8 Marvelous

I'm at the Ultimate stage and almost finished it. The next one is the outside, which looks like impossibl to unlock with 600 stars. Only option is to pay. Can you make it free for players like me? Sorry for bad english. Brilliant

Everything is already amazing. But u should probably add more locations, like new York,san Francisco bridge, Subway, Mountain and WAR ZONE where any player could die by getting hit with a bazooka, or with a bullet to the head. That's all i hope u make it happen.And add a multiplayer using lan Wi-Fi......and i'll give u 10⭐ Flawless

Even though it occupies less space it has good graphics. downloaded at 37mb, now it has occupied about 209mb, which is very less compared to most other racing games. Multiplayer mode is good. Rivals mode used to be good, but not now, because the reward of tokens are replaced with other kind of rewards. Too many adds are also irritating. Expecting tokens reward to be reinstated. Works perfectly

Great game but cars upgrade should available frequently through credits or events instead of kit boxes. It's really irritating to wait for upgrades from kit boxes Cool


Its Asphalt 8 for old devices. Perfect. Same fun gameplay but if 8 is too laggy just get this. That being said still worth the download if you need to save space on a higher end device Must have

This is a very awesome game If you have not enough space in your phone or less internet data to download asphalt 8 airborne then this is the best option for you... It's incredibly awesome Superb!

Good game very good fantastic graphics amazing controls multiplayer nd events are so good viewers plz try that game for once ull just feel like ur lost ina a beautiful car racing dream one more thing we need more track Awesome

Now we cannot purchase 3-4 kits at a time. If i purchased now and i want to purchase anotherone i need to waot for next 24hrs which is very bad thing from my side. You can reduce the time and set after every 2 hours we can purchase. Plz plz fix it urgent love it

Graphics are ok, gameplay is better than asphalt 8. Overall this is a good game. But i notice that gameloft is adding energy systems into their games recently like iron blade and gno. I dont know if asphalt street strom has it, but gameloft please dont add the energy system in upcoming asphalt games. Worth a go!

Everything is okay but ...I think that the cost of nitro starter should be reduced to 3000 credits. And the cost of racer kit box should be reduced to 5000 credits. Graphics r awesome. Moreover I should get more tokens from achievements and more credits from online play. Everything else is awesome, best racing game i ever played. I didn't liked Asphalt 8 but I liked this. I have a request. I have played multiplayer races and sometimes won tuning kits, nitro starter,absolute armor etc . Armor is ok but I do not need tuning kits or nitro starters ,I need tokens and credits and kit boxes. Please add an update where we can win more and more tokens and kit boxes. I do not like the fact that I got 200 tokens by claiming my daily reward, I want to win them. Surprisingly

You are wrong it's not 35mb it's like 120 something MB but it is a good smaller version of like asphalt 8 and it's maps are like a mix of asphalt 8 maps. At the end of water barrier it looked like the end of one of the London maps but it wasn't because of the begining. Good job love it

Great racing game, love it. If only you would add the option to look back, so I can get a glimpse of my opponents eating my dust, and for that I give it a 4.5 star review. Awesome Well done!!

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