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All the functions are excellent but the control is malfunctioning. Sometimes when I tilt left ,it automatically move right. This irritates me otherwise everything is ok. Please make it alright asphalt team Pretty good

This is so far the best offline racing game i av played. Realistic graphics & actions. But pls, try making the brake pedals bigger as well as the nitrogen buttons bcoz in times of anxiety it's too small to touch for help Amazing!

The controlling for car is not working well. Done a good job by making this game in just under 50 mb Great job. Why I am not able to revive the data which I have completed last time , I am not able to recover the data when I have reinstall it. The levels are from the start Great job

Okay, I give 3 out of 5. The game says E for everyone. I am 12, and it says I can't play!! What the heck? Either make the game teen or don't need us to be 13 at all. I have played it on my brothers phone before just to try it... It isn't bad. Oh, and it is a federal offense to fake your age so.. I don't want that as a soulution Surprisingly

I like it but im having issue playing this. Im using samsung A7 2017 model. Sometimes it wont respond even when you want to close it. When im steering, or try to pause the game, i have delays and even when i tap the recent, back keys and home button. I dont know if its from the phone or the game. Looking forward for your response or maybe you can give me a tweak on my phone to run this game smoothly. Superb!

As a older guy i never really like games but my brother inlaw said to me,while your resting from knee repacement try this game, so i did and i cant stop playing it. Its not like flying planes for the navy put it is entertaning, i could be that or combo of pain meds and high speed chases..... Flawless

Good game.. Best part is that its offline.. Runs smooth.. The only problem with the gme is that you wont b able to complete the game ever unless you opt for online purchases but stil if you don't opt u 've got almost 50% of the game to complete.. So fair enough.. Works great

Game is good but difficult to buy any thing in country like Nepal because as per country policy we are not allow to purchase any items on internet. Please provide free gift items initially to start a good nitro Not bad

Somewhat glitchy but otherwise awesome game! Unfortunately game programming is not compatible with Insignia 10.1 tablets. Works fine for mobile though. Will admit I am very disappointed in the fact that the program does not want to function for my tablet problem examples include steering, icons, and basic understanding of instructions. (To clarify the tablet is having trouble understanding my instructions in controlling the program) Fix these issues and I might be able to give you guys a better rating until then don't hold your breath!!! Perfect!

Best car racing game ever I have a 458 Ferrari Italy now I am a mosnster so many cars you should add an exhaust upgrade and more cars like the Camaro zl1 1le 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Hennessy Venom ht and F5 doged demon mustang cars that cost less races worth more credis Omg

The game is awesome, but why don't you keep updating this game? Please Gameloft, just once, alright? And I have one more thing, when I was playing this game, yeah... racing in Italy, trying to make a long drift, the "Tires Rubbing" sound is still the same, like drifting on an asphalt road, when you're drifting on sand surface. Please fix that one too. wow lol

I've been very away from this game, but it's a fair choice for low-space devices. What I DO hate is the Pursuit mode (where you control a police car). But that doesn't matter. It's your choice whether to play this low-weight game or to play the more appealing Asphalt 8. Surprisingly

I loves this game. It's graphics and controls are good. But one thing I don't like in this game that there is no mode to earn coins. In nova legacy there are spec ops to earn money and crates. There are also shadow missions. I think there should be a type of mode in this game to earn coins. So I request you to keep any type of mode in this game to earn money.... Although i loved the game. It will be nice if there is a mode to earn money.... Muito bom!

Finally a great racing game that isn't gigabytes in size! Having fun so far, it's nearly as good as Asphalt 8. It feels less refined and graphics are as to be expected from something so small in size. The only problem i have is that the game runs a bit choppy. Just wow

Awesome doing guys, but can u make the game time synchronize with the time in REAL LIFE ,then if someone didn't liked it put some option to on and off, BUT WHY THE MB STARTED TO INCREASE 35.00MB TO 390MB + I THOUGHT IT WAS ALL IN 35.00MB? Amazing!

Good game so far some amazing cars and graphics but can you make some more tracks cause these are boring track but since Italy tracks months ago was ok but now we want more tracks and cars and motorcycles like in asphalt 8 lots of cars and mind-blowing graphics with a new track Munich can't wait to play it but can you add some cars and tracks from asphalt 8 pls I beg you if you do you are the best game creators in the world Must have

I think to give five star for everything but the disappoint me. I like to play racing game with steering wheel but but it is very slow. I have problem with moving right and left direction please fix the problem make the steering wheel control better.(sorry for my bad English Highly Recommend.

The Grahpics are horrible if you can get one of the other iturations of the asphalt games you should. However this game is designed for people with smaller phone storage. My phone has larger storage so i dont really need this game! But despite this I still got it. Its got everything the other asphalt games have but the graphics are a bit worse. The most negative thing i would say is that the shop is very greedy but thats okay because you dont need to spend money to have a good time in this game. I gave it 4 stars because of the shop not the graphics. Muito bom!

This is best car game I ever played in my life. But i give 3 stars because when game is connected with Internet .The game automatically stop and shown on display that unfortunately game has been stopped.PLS SOLVE MY PROBLEM Not bad

The best racing game. Full of actions. Good controls and very good graphics. Please add also motorbikes like H2R and HD frod. Can you make the most famous beast Lykan Hypersport the most powerful supercar? He is the fastest super car. Make it also available for buying in ordinary coins or tokens so that i will just keep on playing this game untill i finally get or unleased the power of the most famous "beast" supercar LYCAN hyphersport. Muito bom!

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