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Was reading through some comments here, please do yourself the favour and ignore those negative critics here.. Update ! please friends, seriously.... it looks like some trolls are busy spreading @@@@@ (self censored) .... i cant understand why ..hmm maybe just because this fabulous app can outplay even some of the better payd ones ...all in all.... Reading the docs really helps !!!! Take the time and really learn... This painter can do almost anything !!! I am extremely thankful that this app is given away entirely free !!! If you need an app for serious drawing... Look no further... This is it !! FULL FREE !!!! Recommend

I've tried a lot of art tools for Android and this one by far the best. Lots of features and the ability to rotate/zoom the canvas while drawing is very useful on a small screen. There is one bug where the brush that grows with faster movements will draw at maximum size if drawn with no movement (which should be minimum size) Fabulous!

AWESOME THE BEST DRAWING APP EVER! IT IS AMAZING I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT FOR ALL OF YOU! (Just needs a selection tool, and if there is pls respond back to this Amazing!

Hey, I tap the button "SAVE". It didn't saved it. I was dissapointed. It didn't show anywhere (In gallery, my files). Please fix this. Good

Please fix the bug of this app. When i was drawing, it freezes by itself. Please fix this Recommend

I loved it ... If you love to draw get this app ... It is amazing, it was my first try at digi art and I wish I can show a pic to show what I did... That's just to say that even if you have no experience in digital art... This is still easy to doit is amazing once you learn to use it ... Absolutely amazing!!! GET IT!!! IT IS AMAZING!!!! And from what I can remember, it has no ads!! I always hated when an app has ads and this is perfectly free of ads I love it!!! Works great

One of my favorite drawing apps for sure. It did lag and freeze if I work on a drawing for too long a which causes me to lose all of my progress if not for that I'd rate it more stars. Enjoy it!

I have been an Adobe fan for 30 years. But the Adobe Sketch app sucks so bad (as far as weak instructions provided online and difficulty of use) that I tried the Artecture app. This app has it all. The only thing I cannot find is any help for Artecture anywhere on the web. That is the only negative. Every time I try to search for architecture Google return "did you mean architecture?". Anyway I don't know why when I try to save a custom artboard size in Artecture it won't let me save it save... that button is greyed out. As a web designer of 44 years experience, I would recommend you change the name of this product as it is impossible to return an accurate answer from Google for it because it insists you are searching for architecture, and doesn't even offer a "search also for" option. There are no search results on the web for the answer to this. Great job

Brilliant painting app! Easy to use and has many canvas sizing option. It is very similar in look and operation as the popular ARTRAGE painting software for desktop. Fun to use and allows the making of wonderful artwork at any level of artistic skills. Great for professionals or beginners. Go well

One decent app to back up samsung devices with pen/stylus ! Now i can do some artists stuff instead of just being able taking notes Enjoy it!

Hey can you add blending modes? Because there is no way to blend colors by drawing. Very good app Works great

The best Drawing App in the Google Play Store!!!!! If you love to draw or even scrap book than this app is for you. There are so many creative things you can do with this App. I personally like making collages and learning how to draw better. One of the features that this app has to offer is the tracing tool, which is one of my favorite tools to use. **This is how I like to use the tracing tool: I import a coloring page from my phones' gallery/pictures to the Artecture App and then I will use the tracing tool (within the app), to trace over the image. And by doing this it helps me to draw better & I can honestly say; without a doubt, that this app has greatly improved my drawing skills. I highly recommend this App to anyone and everyone. THIS IS A MUST HAVE APP ON YOUR PHONE!!!!! Fabulous!

It's hard to use for a while(same case as other paint apps) but once you get the hang of it, it becomes extremely easy. I didn't encounter any issues. Well done!!

It would be great except it has crashed on me two separate times which ended up deleting my ENTIRE work which was more than 12 hours of hand cramps and creative energy. So thanks. Fantastic

Great app for sketching and painting... it's simple to use, without the unwanted rubbish that comes with so many apps these days. Awesome

It has great colors very useful and helps me see how great I am at drawing. Thank you Worth it!

The best Drawing App in the Google Play Store!!!!! If you live to draw or even scrap book than this app is for you. There are so many creative things you can make with this App. I highly recommend this App to anyone and everyone. THIS IS A MUST HAVE APP ON YOUR PHONE!!!! Cool

I really like art and this app makes me even better and I think I will be an amazing artist when I grow up Flawless

The app is good but we need endless layers instead of 10 and please fix the mixing tool size I feel like it's too big Cool

+ Good app UI + Great painting/drawing tools - Tends to freeze up at the most inopportune times, leading to lost art. Cool

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